A Successful Sale - Thank you (and what’s next)

In the first 24 hours, more than $9 million in Ether Cards NFTs were sold, an astounding result. Between the main sale and presale, an incredible just under 8,000 ETH was raised for more than $16 million — more than Hashmasks, NBA Top Shot, and CryptoPunks!

A Successful Sale - Thank you (and what’s next)


As I’m sitting down to write this post, I’m astounded by how much this Ether Cards has grown in the last 3 weeks!

The Ether Cards community has broken two records already! In the first 24 hours, more than $9 million in Ether Cards NFTs were sold, an astounding result. Between the main sale and presale, an incredible just under 8,000 ETH was raised for more than $16 million — more than Hashmasks, NBA Top Shot, and CryptoPunks!

But what is even more incredible to me is the growing community we are building. The Ether Cards discord channel has more than 6,000 members, and the Twitter channel grew from 3,000 followers to 9,200 during the sale!

But is this the end? Definitely not!

There is still so much more to come, in fact, we are only just starting to scrape the surface of Ether Cards true potential. So let me address some of the common questions and new things to come. Bear with me as this might be a slightly longer post than normal!

Unsold Cards

There are some unsold Founder and Alpha cards, these are going to be minted and stored in the Ether Cards vault to be used in future spot sales, collaborations, giveaways, promotions, events, mystery boxes, upgrades, the Forge, and more!

Future Ether Cards

There will only ever be 10,000 cards in the Founder Collection, made up of 9,000 Founders, 900 Alphas, 90 OGs, and 10 Creator Cards.

Any future cards created by the platform will not fall into this collection, they will have their own unique collection and could be minted by the system for events and promotions, or minted by creators for their own events. But none will have the same permanent Traits and benefits that the Founder Collection has


Traits were set to be revealed shortly after the sale had concluded. However, we have decided to constrain certain Traits and benefits to only be applied to the cards sold in the presale/main sale (regardless of where you purchased from (OpenSea or Ether Cards site). However, by adjusting the Traits so that some will only be available to only the portion of cards already sold, we will need to create a new smart contract for these Traits so we can run their assignment through Chainlink’s VRF. This will mean the Traits will not come as soon as many of you hoped! But we believe this is definitely going to increase the odds of holding more valuable cards!

Phoenix Trait

This Trait is assigned to any card (Founder, Alpha, & OG) purchased during the presale. The benefits of this Trait will be ongoing and this Trait is permanent. This means it will carry over should the card be sold on secondary markets, or moved into another wallet.

One of the first benefits this trait will receive is the ongoing NFT drop. Every card with the Phoenix Trait will receive multiple NFT art drops for free. The number of drops and periods over which these occur will increase with the higher card types. So Alphas will receive more NFTs over a longer period than Founders, and OGs will receive even more again.

There will be more benefits over time for this Trait.

Pristine Status

This is the special status assigned to cards purchased through the main Ether Cards website and held in the same wallet for at least 30 days. Upon achieving this status, a new random, but permanent, Trait will be assigned to the card. This extra Trait will not be lost, regardless of if the Pristine Status is lost later on.

The Pristine Status CAN be lost. Once a card is transferred or used in the Forge, it will lose the Pristine Status forever (not the extra Trait). There is no way in which a card that has lost its Pristine Status to be able to achieve this Status again.

The Pristine Status will be given future benefits over time too so keep that in mind if you are thinking about if it’s worth keeping it!

The Forge

The forge was announced a few days ago, and it is ultimately a way to manipulate cards further. Currently, it allows the merging of two cards to change the art layers. To understand more about how this works, please read the Forge blog post.

Note: that the Forge will remove a cards Pristine status

So what are some things to look forward to!

Well in about a week, we aim to have all the Traits released. That is sure to get some of you excited! But this isn’t all! A few weeks after this, cards will start to receive their Pristine Status, and those that are eligible for the BAT Bonus or Alpha Upgrade will be ready for owners to collect.

Now as is normal for any tech company, setting a date for platform launch is just about the scariest thing to ever be done. There are so many things that could delay this, but it’s going to have to come out eventually right?!

We are currently working on building a roadmap that showcases some of the above features. The current expectation is that the Ether Cards platform will be ready to go live within 6 to 8 weeks. But be aware, this is our expectation and that can change. We hope it doesn’t, but we want to make sure we launch a quality product properly.

The platform will launch with some of the events already available on it, and we know there are a number of creators who have works ready to launch via Ether Cards! Remember anyone can use the platform, but there are specific benefits to Ether Cards holders both in general AND when using the platform or participating in events.

So to summarize some of the interesting features currently in development:

  • Ether Cards platform (obviously)
  • Dust feature
  • Card Levels
  • Mystery Boxes
  • The Forge
  • Interactive Layers
  • New Events
  • Skill Trees
  • Physical Cards
  • Real-World Interaction (Dynamic NFTs)
  • Extra Pristine Status Bonuses
  • Extra Phoenix Trait Bonuses
  • Platform Showcase Events

Besides all this, our team is also hard at work with meetings almost every day to forge new collaborations, partnerships, and competitions throughout the music, gaming, sports, collectibles, entertainment, and retail industries!