Important updates on the future of Ether.Cards

Today marks the beginning of a new era for Ether.Cards, both as an enterprise and as a thriving community.

Important updates on the future of Ether.Cards

Today marks the beginning of a new era for Ether.Cards, both as an enterprise and as a thriving community.

Firstly, due to the overwhelming demand experienced in the pre-sale, Ether.Cards has recently attracted the attention of major international artists, and we'll need some additional time to onboard them all correctly. It would be self-defeating not to do everything within our power to ensure we can include their contributions, which are set to significantly lift the profile of Ether.Cards and each of the NFTs assets they produce.

We're talking about giants of the art scene like Dirty Robot, Mark McKenna, Humberto Baca, Mark Molnar from Pixoloid and many more. Our artist gallery page, which will be released in the next 48 hours, will give you access to a sneak peek of their fantastic art.

As if that wasn't enough, we're also working day and night to bring in a well-respected US-based music festival and a contemporary art gallery.

Secondly, we're proud to announce we've just confirmed a collaboration with Brave, the browser with more than 25 million monthly users. We will start our onboarding process with them on Monday, 1st of March and will be working on multiple exciting streams. Our collaboration with them will include a full ad campaign to their 25 million users and a pilot to explore and work on integrating their Basic Attention Token (BAT) with Ether.Cards. We're planning for this to be an extra avenue to reward you, the early adopters of the Ether.Cards community.

Their VP has graciously agreed to join our discord server and answer questions from our community.

Third, we're integrating with NFTX and Sushiswap, which will give you all access to pools on both respective platforms, as well as all the liquidity that brings. These pools will be ready on launch day.

We're not done though. We've also begun working with major NFT marketplace Rarible.

They are helping us set up a co-op limited sale and are planning to become the first marketplace to utilise Ether.Cards' raffle mechanism on their platform. This is yet another institutional partnership that will significantly expand the remit and utilisation of our community's output.

Our decision to leave any of these opportunities on the table would be foolish. Each of the above has the potential to significantly increase the value that we can provide to you, our early supporters. But getting all the onboarding, organizing and integrating done by our planned release date without compromising on quality would be an impossible task.

We chose to pursue this valuable opportunities and thus, to move the launch of the main sale period backward slightly.

Ether.Cards will now be released on the 18th of March, instead of the 4th of March. We're certain that, having read this note, you'll support our decision.

We're experiencing a degree of institutional and presale interest beyond our initial expectations, and every new partnership has the potential to increase the value we can deliver.

We're confident all these developments and the countless hours our teams are putting in across multiple time zones will bring substantial added value to all our early adopters.

If you have any questions or queries about this announcement, please reach out to the team on our Discord. We'll be happy to keep the community involved in discussion regarding our strategic decisions.

Do also keep an eye on our blog, as we'll shortly announce some more great news for many of our presale buyers.