Artist Profile: Necromantika

Behind Necromantika, we find a European artist duo - a multimodal art therapist and a digital technology veteran.

Artist Profile: Necromantika

All credit and a very special thank you to Gabor Forrai for providing the header image and written content for this artist spotlight.

The Necromantika moniker represents the artistic duo of Ágnes Szabó and the mysterious Mr. Common.

Ágnes Szabó is one of the original Ether Card Founders NFT artists and twelve of her works are featured on several OG and Alpha Cards. These include paintings and drawings made with traditional techniques, digital photo manipulations, small plastic artworks, 3D book covers and a number of graphic elements in random collaborations.

Prior to 2016, Ágnes worked primarily with traditional art techniques, drawing and painting. She created various mediums by inventing new surfaces and textures. She also explored densified clay 3D forms, ceramics and other molding techniques via materials like special polymer resins and artificial clays.

Ágnes confesses that for her the process of creation is both an intuitive game and an expression of  herself. When she takes a material in her hands, she connects with it and anchors herself in space and time. By focusing her attention on the material, she excludes the outside world and immerses herself in the more hidden dimensions of herself.

The second half of the duo, Mr. Common has decades of experience in the world of digital imagery and media, video games, and technoculture. Although he prefers to remain out of the spotlight, his vast contributions perfectly complement Ágnes in the creative process.

In 2016, the duo began working with material manipulation techniques such as micro sculpture, relief sculptures, small sculptures and special jewelry. They also dabbled in film production - producing several pieces of equipment for the recently debuted sci-fi series "Halo", which was based on the successful video game frenzy.

The artist-couple explores and perceives the permeability between extremes, the ever-present change without taboo in their works. These sometimes dream-like, and sometimes fever dream-like visions teeter on the border between reality and imagination. The viewer is encouraged to reflect and contemplate by the vibrant organic forms. Their works are the result of constant experimentation - seeking to provide an amazing sensory experience and value.

The sculptures and digital works by Necromantika are created with the latest AI-driven imaging processes - using varied and complex painting techniques that are sometimes quite bright and surprisingly impulsive.

The duo's first dynamic self-titled NFT drop - "House of Dead Knights" shows their best slice of creativity. This tiny, but powerful collection of just 666 tokens will be unveiled on Halloween night via the Galaxis website.

Thanks to an excellent professional relationship - Ether Cards and Girls Robots Dragons NFT holders can purchase this very limited collection at a discount!

In the forthcoming play-to-earn fantasy game, "Knighthood" - these "Dead Knights" will grant their owners an extraordinary advantage. Not only will they gain free access to the game, but they will also be able to revive them! The game is currently in development so stay tuned for more information.

You can follow the duo's Twitter profile: @Necromantika2 - for all the latest updates!


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