Artist Profile: Ordo

Ordo is an artist working out of the United Kingdom with a style all his own. Working with illustration, blending, and photo manipulation techniques, Ordo creates darkly psychedelic art that both melts and crystallizes.

Artist Profile: Ordo

Before we get started, and for the sake of transparency, I am an Ordo whale. Or, if not a whale, at least one of the mid-tier aquatic mammalia, perhaps a leopard seal. I own many pieces from the excellent Novitas Collection, a few other Ordo odds, and ends, as well as several masks from the Flemi collection.

In fact, I selected the first Ether Card I ever purchased with very little research because I loved the look of the Ordo art layer on the face. I’m a fan.

Ordo is an artist working out of the United Kingdom with a style all his own. Working with illustration, blending, and photo manipulation techniques, Ordo creates darkly psychedelic art that both melts and crystallizes.

One may find their eyes crawling along the abstract contours of a piece like a smoke-addled caterpillar, before careening off the peripheral edge into a chasm of fuzzy light, sound, and motion. Dive in and explore the brilliant details of a master craftsman, or zoom out and be swept into an undulating abyss of liquid fireworks and dark dreams.

Below is a Novitas piece from my collection (not for sale 😉).

In addition to his many personal projects and works, Ordo has 14 unique pieces across 25 OG and Alpha Ether Cards, as well as his accidental collaboration contribution, which can be found in its complete form on two Alphas, and components of which range across many Founders cards. The artwork shown below is featured on Alpha cards #743 and #911.

Ordo is a tremendous talent and occupies a unique spot in the roster of Ether Cards artists. I caught up with him to ask him about him a few questions about his work and his latest projects, the Flemi Collection and The Unmasked.

How did you first get involved in Ether Cards?

I received a link from a friend and decided to join the discord. Once I found out that I could apply as an artist I sent my works and the rest is history!

What excites you the most about the opportunities that NFTs provide for artists?

It gives autonomy to artists and since the competition is fierce it forces everyone to be creative and to innovate (The innovation in this case for me, is from an artistic standpoint). However, the biggest positive thing about NFTs in general, is that a good community goes a long way. And that is the best thing about crypto. It allows for the creation of very tight knit groups, who share the same tastes to come along together and ultimately have fun and invest their time and money in Artists and Developers alike.

I love your work - psychedelic, but often with a dark edge. Could you tell us about your creative process?

I use a mixture of illustration and blending techniques. Very rarely I do sketches. Normally, one of the pieces starts with just a very glimpse of an idea and then I let the pen flow and the stock photos do the talking. Rather than having a formed idea I build upon those as some sort of a puzzle. In addition to this, the most important part of my creative process is music and sometimes wine! Oh and part of the creative process is also having a messy workflow, full of unnamed layers and files!

I really enjoyed your Flemi project and the combination of your distinctive style with historical pieces (Flemish mask grotesques); anything in particular that inspired this project?

I was looking around for inspiration for my Founder card and found the Flemish Masks and thought they would make amazing pieces that fitted my style. I spent a few days trying out some new techniques and since I liked the results, decided to make every single one of them on my own style. The idea about the layers came when I was playing on photoshop with some of the pieces and saw that the three layer solution produced really interesting results.

As a Flemi holder, I'm excited about the next phase of the project. Can you tell us a little bit about The Unmasked? The artwork is amazing.

The Unmasked are the spiritual sucessors of the Flemi following "The Event".

"...For thousands of years, the Formless Ones, cosmic beings known as the Flemi, maintained the balance and order of all of existence. The Flemi were emotionless, primarily logical beings, entirely devoted to their purpose. They lacked physical bodies and their very beings were woven into the fabric of reality, such that they could take on a variety of forms ranging from light of different wavelengths to powerful storms or disembodied voices. Their very nature was nearly incomprehensible to mortal minds, and many have doubted whether they are but one entity or fifteen.

The exact circumstances of the Event are elusive; they befuddle the mind, and their very existence pulls away at the threads of reality like a woven blanket coming undone. All that is known for sure is that the Event was a calamity of apocalyptic proportions, the order of existence was thrown askew, and the Flemi vanished without a trace. The Modern Order, broken and battered by the catastrophe, has found itself overwhelmed in its efforts to pick up the pieces of a chaotic, unraveling world, a reality falling apart both physically and politically.”


The Unmasked will be a community-run project whereby Flemi holders and anyone who mints Unmasked pieces, will be able to decide the progression of a comic book story by using their NFTs to vote and make governance proposals on how the story progresses.  There will be three factions and there is already some lore in place that was left intentionally vague so that the community can decide whatever they want moving forward, In addition to this, we will be creating two different scenarios for the initial pages of the comics and will let our members vote on which path they will want to take.

In essence, we will basically be drawing whatever is decided by the community members (I believe no other project has done this in the entire crypto space).

We are planning to launch next month, so feel free to join our Discord and check the teaser images that we have posted there.

Thanks to Ordo for answering my questions for this profile, and I can’t wait to see what comes next from this ultra-talented artist in our community!