Artist Profile: Zsolt Kosa

Zsolt is a Hungarian artist with the skills and vision that every fantasy nerd dreams of having. Dragons and demons, angels and avatars, beasts and babes.

Artist Profile: Zsolt Kosa

I have to admit, I never thought that I’d be fascinated by drawings of gemstones – then I ran into Zsolt Kosa’s work for Ether Cards. Now I spend at least 15 minutes a day staring into the depths of this ruby, which I’m fairly certain changes subtly as it siphons off bits of my soul.

Zsolt's artwork has incredible detail and definition

Zsolt is a Hungarian artist with the skills and vision that every fantasy nerd dreams of having. Dragons and demons, angels and avatars, beasts and babes – his drawings set amazing scenes and tell incredible stories; one can’t help but be drawn into the worlds he creates through his artwork. Pure imagination fuel.

In addition to his Accidental Collaboration contribution, components of which might be featured on any Ether Card, Zsolt has 27 full pieces of artwork featured across 116 Alpha and OG cards in the Ether Cards collection – stunning additions to any wallet.

Zsolt is also an entrepreneur, selling brush and effects tools for other artists through ArtStation. Ever need a brush for dragon scales or dynamic fire effects? Zsolt’s got you covered.

His latest project, EtherHeads, launched its exclusive presale for Ether Cards holders on October 19th. EtherHeads is as thematically robust as it is artistically pleasing. Zsolt deconstructed the Ethereum symbol, developed multiple color palettes, and used the resulting pieces to construct an avatar project that is both amazingly abstract and wonderfully approachable.

The EtherHeads project will also be using Ether Cards platform technology to apply exciting traits that go beyond simple image characteristics – for example, the shapeshifter trait will allow your EtherHead to morph between five different EtherHead appearances in a loop.

If it’s not obvious yet, Zsolt is a true craftsman. He generated over 70,000 EtherHeads and handpicked the final 10,000 that will form the collection. If you’re fortunate enough to snag an EtherHead, feel confident that Zsolt has had his eyes on it!

While he’s clearly very busy, I caught up with Zsolt to ask him a few quick questions.

  • How did you first get involved in Ether Cards?
    One of my old colleagues reached out to me to ask if I'm interested in NFTs. I had no idea what that is, but after Andras gave an excellent presentation to us, I knew instantly that I want to be a part of this!
  • Do you have a personal favorite image from your Ether Cards artwork?
    My favourite is the #26 OG with the Fire avatar image. This artwork tells me when you are surrounded by darkness and enemies, sometimes you need to unleash your hidden powers, raise your spirit, be stronger than you thought you are and overcome even the impossible obstacles.
  • What is one upcoming feature of the Ether Cards Platform that excites you the most?
    The self-service platform itself is a huge thing, but I can't wait to play around with blind bags, raffles, and puzzles!
  • What excites you the most about the opportunities that the NFT space provides for artists?
    People say that consistency is the key to success in many areas, this applies often to the art world as well. A big percentage of famous artists stuck to the same theme or style during their whole careers. Thanks to the advantages of the generative arts, and NFTs, I'm able to experience and showcase a full artistic journey in a single collection, create original artworks and provide value to collectors without spending decades painting the same subject over and over again.
  • Any hints on what you'll be working on next?
    The next 4 collections are going to be in the same category: Abstract fine art. Possibly connected with real-world (physical object) value. The one after these is a bit more complex collection, all I can tell for certain is that EC holders can expect special drops from it. The 7th collection is... let's keep that in secret for now.

Amazing artist and a really cool guy – be sure to check out Zsolt’s work for both Ether Cards and the EtherHeads collection!