If you read our recent ‘Magic Dust’ reveal, you’ll know we teased our upcoming ‘Mystery Boxes’ with a promise of further information.

The time has come to open the door wider.

The gamers among you will be familiar with the concept of loot boxes, and their potential to bring in-game assets to another level through various improvements to their baseline traits. That’s the basic principle of how ‘Mystery Boxes’ will work on the Ether Cards platform: in exchange for a ‘Magic Dust’ sacrifice, users will get to purchase a mystery box of their choosing with a range of surprise rewards.

While the exact contents of each box will be a surprise, they will be randomly assigned from a pool of exciting benefits such as both temporary additional card traits, bonus dust collection, art drops, Founder Cards, and much more.

We are even looking into the possibility of stat runes which record some of the best stats on your card.

The boxes will be available in three different levels of value and cost. The more dust sacrificed, the better the chances to find a worthy loot in your box.

  • Bronze boxes will cost a sacrifice of 2 weeks of dust
  • Silver boxes will cost a sacrifice of 4 weeks of dust
  • Gold boxes will cost a sacrifice of 12 weeks of dust

Note: as previously mentioned, mystery boxes and the dust mechanism will be in trial mode when first activated. All details, costs, rewards and features can and will change over time as this concept is further developed.

We know it will be a tricky balancing act to choose between collecting dust to improve your card level and spending it all on these new boxes. On one side, you have the certainty of competitive discounts on platform services and on the other, the chance of adding other significant value to your card, or even getting another free card.

But while that’s a tough choice, it’s hardly one to stress over: abundant benefits await on either end. Being a card holder (and hodler) has just taken a new meaning.

Yep, one more thing…  

While it’s too early to get into details, we’re excitedly working away on a feature that might bring some ‘character’ (or skills) to your cards… and the increased opportunity you’ll get through these mystery boxes will play an important part in preparing your card collection for it.

To say that these cards will be epic, well… that’s an understatement!

Until next time...