Bitboy Crypto Using Ether Cards and Chainlink For Provably Fair Mint of Pluto Alliance V2 NFTs

Ben Armstrong—better known in the blockchain space as Bitboy Crypto—is releasing a new NFT drop in collaboration with Ether Cards.

Bitboy Crypto Using Ether Cards and Chainlink For Provably Fair Mint of Pluto Alliance V2 NFTs

Ben Armstrong—better known in the blockchain space as Bitboy Crypto—is releasing a new NFT drop in collaboration with Ether Cards. Bitboy’s newest collection is part of his Pluto Alliance series, but what sets this edition apart from the original collection is that all NFTs will be minted using Chainlink VRF for verifiable randomness and Ether Cards for an advanced feature set.

Since Chainlink VRF is a core feature integrated within the Ether Cards platform, Bitboy’s newest drop provides much stronger assurances that each NFT has random traits assigned to it at minting in a provably fair and tamper-proof manner. Thus, every participant will have an equal shot at minting the rarest, most collectible Plutonians.

For this new drop, Bitboy will release 10,000 Pluto Alliance V2 NFTs in a public sale occurring on December 1st, 2021. Prior to the public sale, the first 2,000 people who were part of the original Pluto Alliance drop will be able to fork their old NFTs over to the new version.

Commenting on the collaboration, Ben Armstrong stated, “We decided to launch our NFTs on Ether Cards because it offers creators like myself a fully functional development platform for launching unique, feature-rich, and engaging NFTs to fans. Having seen an increasing number of high-level NFT projects use Chainlink VRF during drops, I was pleased to learn that Chainlink VRF was a core element of Ether Cards since day one, helping me bring full transparency and fairness to the new Pluto Alliance V2 NFT drop.”

Andras Kristof, the Founder of Ether Cards stated, “We are pleased to support Ben as he continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the creator economy for blockchain influencers. With support from Chainlink VRF, all Pluto Alliance V2 NFTs will be minted through a verifiably random process for trait assignment. This creates a user experience where everyone has a fair chance at minting the rarest NFTs.”

After the initial Pluto Alliance drop, one of the key learnings was bringing fairness and transparency to the way attributes were assigned to NFTs. Doing so requires a random number generation (RNG) solution. However, many RNG solutions have flaws that put the integrity of the NFT drop into question.

Most on-chain RNG solutions use predictable blockchain data like block hashes to generate randomness, but this introduces vulnerabilities where miners can choose to publish a block only when this would generate more favorable results for themselves. On the other hand, off-chain RNG solutions based on traditional data providers are opaque, offering no proof that the random number was not manipulated by the API provider.

To overcome these vulnerabilities, Bitboy built his NFT drop on Ether Cards with built-in support from Chainlink VRF—the industry-standard RNG for smart contracts. Unlike other RNG solutions, Chainlink VRF generates an on-chain cryptographic proof that every random number was generated in a tamper-proof way. The proof is then verified before the random number is used. Through this process, users get automated and publicly verifiable assurances that all traits are randomly assigned to NFTs in a manner that neither Ether Cards, the oracles, Bitboy, or any other participant can manipulate or predict.

Expanding on the collaboration, Tomasz Wojewoda, Head of Global Sales at Chainlink Labs stated, “Rather than requiring users to trust that NFT creators will be fair during their drops, they can easily integrate Chainlink VRF for verifiable randomness. This allows NFT creators like Bitboy to bring transparency and fairness to how traits are assigned during his drop.”

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