Card Rebranding

Card Rebranding

The Ether Cards team has been overwhelmed with the support from its wider community. Without this community, Ether Cards would not be what is today!

It is from this support that we felt the need to change an important aspect of the Ether Cards Collection. We felt the founder cards were something that really represented what each and every one of you are part of.

As you might have experienced if you joined us on our Discord channels over the past week, we like to keep in touch with our community. And we don't just passively listen, but go into each conversation with a keen ear and open mind, discussing each suggesting internally to see if it could be implemented.

It is with this mindset that Common cards will be renamed to Founder Cards. This will help all users to identify them clearly as belonging to the first and limited-edition Ether Cards release. This will also bring instant early adopter recognition for all buyers, and a long term increase in value as our brand and the wider NFT space continues to expand and gain mainstream recognition.

We believe these new names better reflect the cards' essence and are excited to continue building the future of this project with our community.

As we mentioned last week, we could not, in good conscience, call ourselves founders without paying our respects to the rest of the community. Because of this the team collectively decided to rename ALL 10,000 cards as part of the Ether Cards Founder’s Collection. We respect the community and are honoured to be able to share this journey with you all.

Every single card issued in this sale will be named as part of the Ether Cards Founders Collection. The previous 10 Founder cards (serials 0-9) will no longer be the only founder cards and instead will each receive a Creator Trait.

We have a vision to grow the Ether Cards community with a spirit of decentralization. Working with visionaries like Ethereum founding member Anthony D'Onofrio, we will continue to build an inclusive ecosystem.

The Ether Card ecosystem cannot be an isolated island. We will not rest until we can integrate with other marketplaces and platforms like Rarible, Opensea, and Nifty Gateway.