Yes, the title is not a bait: things are about to get as exciting as it implies. Thanks to the hard work of our development team and to the support and constant feedback we received from our wonderful community, we’re taking a big step forward on Monday.

We’re proud to announce that on the 29th of March we’ll begin revealing the artwork assigned to all cards purchased to date, regardless of the card type (Alphas or Founders - OG art was already revealed earlier on) or of where it’s stored.

This release of hundreds of excellent pieces of cryptoart will begin giving our impressive roster of artists their deserved recognition, while also rewarding our early supporters and their patience through two pre-sale periods and the first half of our wider public sale (which there is still some time to join).

It goes without saying that it will also give anyone looking in an exciting glimpse of the scope and potential of the Ether Cards project, as we progressively begin to draw the curtains on our platform and the value it will bring to all onboarded NFT art.

That’s not all though…

Our team is already working on implementing the code needed for making this art reveal a steady stream and future card purchases will benefit from near-instant access to their artwork, with the unveiling to take just a few minutes after the asset appears in the buyer’s connected wallet.

We can’t wait to see what’s in your wallet - and we hope you’re similarly impatient.