Ether Cards Community Grants Program

We’ve been blown away by the amount of creativity that Ether Cards community members have shown. People have been creating useful tools for the ecosystem, amazing videos, eye-opening writing and even custom Ether cards apparel. Truly, it is an inspiring community.

Ether Cards Community Grants Program

Our devs are hard at work on the upcoming stages of the platform launch, major partnerships, and the Dust token. As all of these elements get ready to launch throughout the coming weeks, we want to create a way to incentivize and reward Ether Cards members for projects that benefit the community, support the platform and grow the ecosystem.

Based on many successful models in the space, we’re launching the Ether Cards Community Grants Program.

What is it?

The Community Grants Program will start out with flexible rewards based on the work required, quality of build, and level of uptake and will include one or more Founder cards. We’ll coordinate these rewards individually based on the specific proposal.

This program is specifically intended for tools and features that can become part of the Ether Cards platform.

As opposed to community awards, which will be distributed monthly, the grants program is for Ether Cards to compensate creators for projects that will become part of the Ether Cards ecosystem.

What to include?

Please give us an overview of the milestones and tasks that will be included and, if possible, a timeline. We’ll need to have a work steps that we can verify and review. Be as clear and detailed as possible. The more specific you can be, the quicker your project can get started.

We of course can’t accept anything with adult content, drug related, or gambling (we’ll let whatever happened in Vegas stay in Vegas).

How will proposals be reviewed?

We’ll review each proposal and contact submitters if the proposal is accepted. In the near future we’ll be adding a dedicated page to our site for community grants where people can see and discuss the proposals being submitted. Until then, please use our submission form linked below.

Submission Form

Where to go to ask questions?

Please post any questions about the program to the #community-submissions channel on our Discord server. You can tag @Mariana#8087.

Current priority

Proposals for developing / coding games that can played with Ether Cards will be prioritized.

Game Development Guidelines

  • -The concept should be simple enough that it can be executed within a short timeframe (~3 weeks, but if required, this can be longer)
  • Prizes for winning the game can include Dust, artwork layers, Traits, Limited Trait slots, Founder cards from the vault (note that using cards from vault would limit how many prizes can be distributed)
  • -You can use Explorer grid as a framework to build the game (the order of cards can be randomized, and the cards per line adjusted)
  • Eligibility could be anything from holding an Ether Cards to pay per play.
  • Games can be competitive or collaborative, but must provide safeguards/security measures to avoid cheating or manipulation of any sort.
  • Games must not adversely affect other players without their explicit permission and participation.
  • Some game examples: Battleship, Go, Dig Dug, Hearthstone


Yes another disclaimer! We have to include these to make sure everything is in order with our legal requirements.

Not all proposals will be approved and terms and conditions will apply.

Ether Cards reserves the right to terminate projects from the program at any time should this become necessary.

Any tools, features, or other developments funded by Ether Cards will be the exclusive property of Ether Cards.