Developing a Sustainable remote work culture in Crypto With Crypto Jobs List

This is a behind the scenes look at how Ether Cards hire and grow its team.

Developing a Sustainable remote work culture in Crypto With Crypto Jobs List

Our CEO Andras Kristof had a chat with Raman, CEO and Founder of Crypto Jobs List. CJL is the largest crypto jobs site, helping hundreds of crypto companies find the right talent and drive crypto innovation for 5 years.

With innovation being led by NFT and DeFi industries, there is no shortage of jobs. We discussed our company's culture and more. This is a behind the scenes look at how we hire and grow our team. If you're interested in listening to the entire interview, check it out below (there's lots of exciting stuff in there). This is a condensed article with some of the things we wanted to share.

Ether Cards 🎙 Crypto Jobs List - Community Chat | Work in Crypto. Community Chats with Crypto Jobs List | Episode 1
How Ether Cards is helping creators engage communities using NFTs, with CEO Andras Kristof.

To get to where we are now, we have to start at the beginning. We've been in the crypto space for a long time. Ever since 2013, when Bitcoin was just $10! We built the first Bitcoin ATM in Asia and wanted to do something more ambitious. At the time, Ethereum was not out yet. So we made a private fork of Ripple without the XRP to build a distributed asset management system.

Once Ethereum came along, we saw it was much better and quickly adapted. We were early adopters to NFTs, too. 4 years ago, we saw the value for NFTs beyond just selling JPEGs, and that is what Ether Cards is all about.

Ether Cards started off as a loosely-knit team of 4-5 people. We're now a fully-remote team of 38 people across multiple countries.

Our Hiring Was Not Linear

We've never had a traditional hiring process. Instead, we scooped up talented people whenever we came across them. For example, we hired a talented team of NFT developers we met in San Francisco at the ConsenSys accelerator 3 years ago. Similarly, we hired an entire team of people from Transylvania because we liked what we saw in them.

Our individual hires have also been non-linear. Some of our team members were extremely passionate community members. When members of your community bring in a lot of value to your company, it is hard to ignore them. We had a community member who brought in more partnerships and value to us than our marketing team at that time. We have no choice but to recognize talent when we see it and hire them.

Coordinating the Timezones

Running a large remote team can be hard and fun at the same time. We are not limited by a location or region. We can hire good talent from almost anywhere across the globe. But it also brings in other problems while trying to bring everyone together.

We have a daily stand-up which is not easy to do because we have team members from Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Romania, Portugal, Germany, US and Hungary. We found a time that worked and started doing it every day. So first, we have a short stand-up. Then, we have a separate non-technical and technical stand-up. This process has worked very well for us.

Show your talent

There is no shortage of jobs in the Crypto Industry, and you can find them on Crypto Jobs List. Crypto companies are always happy to hire great talent. It is up to you to showcase your talent and passion.

While the crypto industry is fun, the space can also be very stressful. Everything moves at breakneck speeds, and a small mistake could prove to be expensive with a loss of millions. Please listen to the mental healthcare workers and make sure you don't burn out quickly.