Dust Distribution and CryptoPunk event for Ethercard holders

Learn about what Dust is, how you can claim it off your cards, and where these tokens can be used!

Dust Distribution and CryptoPunk event for Ethercard holders

Dear ethercard community,

As you are all aware of, we are launching and distributing the Dust token on September 30, 2021. In this article, you will learn how to redeem Dust from your Ethercard and send it to your wallet as well as how to securely exchange 1,000,000 Dust for a CryptoPunk from our community pool.

What is Dust?

Dust is Ether Card’s ERC20 utility token that will be used across the entire Ether Cards ecosystem. Every Ether Card will collect Dust on an ongoing basis. It can be used to exchange it for NFTs in our community pools, participate in early-access NFT sales and other activities.

What happens on September 30?

At 9am EST, every Ether Card will receive Dust tokens. In total, 27,000,000 Dust tokens will be distributed. OGs will receive 100,000, Alphas 10,000, and Founders 1,000 Dust tokens.

How can I claim my Dust?

A Dust Counter will appear on your Ethercard on September 30. In order to claim Dust from your card you will need to connect your wallet on https://explorer.ether.cards/#/wallet. You can either click on the Dust Counter to claim Dust individually from a card or you can claim the total amount of Dust from all your Ether Cards from the Wallet section.

The claim function will be activated on Oct 4, at 9am EST. Terms and conditions will apply.

How can I exchange 1,000,000 Dust for a CryptoPunk?

At 9am EST on Oct 8, the CryptoPunk Pools will be released with instructions on how to exchange Dust for CryptoPunks.