DUST Utility Token Information

The DUST Trickling is LIVE!

DUST Utility Token Information

What is DUST?

DUST is the Galaxis Ecosystem Utility Token that accumulates on every Ether Cards Founder, Alpha and OG NFT. DUST began as an ERC 777 token (essentially a superpowered ERC 20) and has since migrated to the MATIC/Polygon layer 2 blockchain. For historical information of the DUST token, please read the original blog post.

DUST details (for Ethereum blockchain) on Coingecko:


What is the DUST smart contract?

Ethereum Mainnet:




How is DUST Utilized?

DUST may be used in the future Galaxis marketplaces to purchase NFTS, reserve and pay for upcoming mints, and by creators to purchase upgrades and features for their community platform. There are more utilities under development.

What are the DUST trickle rates?

The DUST trickle rates vary by card per month. Every block produced by the MATIC/Polygon blockchain produces more DUST for the cards. Total amounts per year and over time are listed in the chart below.


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