We are into day two of the Ether Cards Sale and there has already been an incredible response from the community. We are very humbled and excited by the amazing number of people who are willing to take this incredible journey with us.

On the first day alone, the Ether Cards website saw more than 50,000 visitors. Hats off to the dev team who not only managed to keep the website up 100% of the time but also kept the sale running without a hitch.

But probably the most notable figure of the day was about the Ether Cards OG Founder series. Within the first 24 hours, all OG cards had sold out with the final cards selling for more than $100,000 each.

We’re not going to lie, it was an absolute surprise to us that these would be the first cards to sell out. Despite not having any art or Traits revealed, some cards have already appeared on secondary markets for 250 ETH ($455,000)!

This means the next rarest cards available in the Ether Cards sale are the Alpha Founders Series of which only around 40% are left for sale.

We will keep this post short as we have so many other exciting things in the pipeworks and want to get them finished to reveal to you all in the coming days!

So stay tuned and if you haven’t already, go get yourself one of these limited-edition Founder Collection Ether Cards!