Earlier this week the “Accidental Collaboration” Artwork was revealed on every single Ether Card that had been purchased to date. The art was incredible and with more than 3 million unique combinations, it was incredible to see some “perfect” art out there.

The layered artwork is novel and creates for an incredible array of unique pieces from multiple artists. Collectors are already starting to identify which layers they deem more desirable and which ones are simply amazing when combined with other select artworks.

The community has made it clear they want more interaction and engagement with these layers, and we heard you. This is why we have developed the Layer Explosion feature on the Ether Cards explorer.

You will soon be able to see the breakdown of each art layer in your card along with individual layer stats and rarity levels. Not only will you be able to view the layers on your card, but also on every other card in the collection. Ultimately, this will help collectors decide on which cards have the layers they desire, not only for purchasing, but also for forging.