Partners with Ether Cards in Collaborative Airdrop

Ether Cards is proud to announce our partnership with privacy-focused DNA data bank Partners with Ether Cards in Collaborative Airdrop

Ether Cards is focused on disrupting many industries with our revolutionary new NFT framework. This is just the first of many bonuses Ether Cardholders can expect to receive as we partner with new and exciting projects. Benefits could come in the form of NFT drops, exclusive discounts and passes, early access, and like in this case, free tokens! By adding utility to NFTs, talent, creators, and experts can all benefit from controlling their works like never before. is taking this mindset to the scientific and pharmaceutical industries.

“Ether Cards is proud to partner with a like-minded firm that is seeking to put control back into the hands of the individual. Ether Cards wants to empower each person to control their data and creations without the need to trust 3rd parties. It is from this basis that individuals can now choose how they monetize themselves. And this is what is doing for the scientific world.”

Andras, Ether Cards Founder

About is a private and secure DNA data bank that puts you back in control of your genome. By addressing privacy, security, and ownership concerns of DNA testing and sharing, we aim to build the world’s largest user-owned genomic data bank and secure the future of personalized medicine.

We leverage the Ethereum blockchain to provide a transparent and immutable audit log of access to your genome. This means our users can be sure their DNA data is stored and shared in exactly the way they decide.

To further our development goals and truly decentralize genomics, we are now leveraging DeFi, with the launch of our tokens $GENE and $GNOME, looking to disrupt an industry where the global genomics market size is expected to reach USD 62.9 billion by 2028.

Ether Cards Drop will airdrop $GENE tokens to all Ether Cards holders. The drop ratios will be proportional to the number and type of cards held by each wallet, with OGs receiving more tokens than Alphas, who, in turn, will receive more than Founder Cardholders.

These tokens can be used for staking, earning $GNOME governance tokens, or purchasing genomic sequencing/querying.

In addition to this, random Ether Cards will receive the “Genome Sequence” Trait, allowing the cardholder to redeem the Trait for the Gold Standard In DNA Sequencing - (15x) whole-genome sequencing.

This data will then be uploaded into their personal DNA Vault in which they will have complete control over the data. They can choose to earn royalties for sharing the data, gain insights into your ancestry and personal make-up, or simply hold it securely forever. has already partnered with AMD and Consensys, and will be conducting a token presale in the coming months. More information on how this partnership will develop and details regarding the token and Trait drops will be released soon. To learn more about's plans, join their Discord or follow them on Twitter.