Girls Robots Dragons NFT Collection Details

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Girls Robots Dragons NFT Collection Details

The GRD NFT Cards:

There will be 3,000 NFTs minted in the initial sale, with 6,000 in a vault to be minted as they are purchased/redeemed. Cards will have one of 15 characters on the front along with an original artwork from the artists on the back. The back art will be determined by the layers on the front.

Each of the characters will come with a random background and its supporting layer combination. There are over 100,000 possible combinations. Because of this fact, there are multiple rarity levels that will exist: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

Most of the cards are common. They are beautiful, and they are plentiful.

Rare cards have a unique color combination, a silver border and small variations in the design of the character. They are 10x more rare than a common version.

Epic cards represent the ONE combination for each of the 15 characters that the artists have selected as the “perfect match”.

If a card is both “Epic” and “Rare”, then it is considered to be the most valuable - one of legendary status!

The Collection Game:

20% of the sale and 25% of the royalties will be available for prizes. Collect the full set of 15 unique characters and submit the collection to redeem a portion of the prize pool.

Each prize pool is based on the card rarity of the submitted collection. For example, 15 all common unique characters equals 0.25 ETH, 15 unique rare = 0.5 ETH, 15 unique epic = 1.5 ETH, and all 15 unique legendary = 3.5 ETH!

The prize pools and redemptions will be available approximately 1 month after the sale.

The Utility Traits:

The first series (3,000 NFTs) of the collection features 3 different types of Utility Traits/Icons. The Utility Traits will be revealed one week after the art reveal. Examples are as follows:

Physical Redeem Trait:

Acrylic Painting (1)

The artists have agreed to create a brand new acrylic painting (on stretched canvas) for the very lucky person, who redeems this unique trait (terms and conditions apply).  

Three Tone Drawings (6)

The artists are going to create six unique three-tone images of the subject of their own choice.

Sketches (10)

The artists provided 10 of their historical sketches as redeemable art. Anyone who has one of these traits can redeem one of the pieces, on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Signed/Numbered Prints (300)

By redeeming one of these traits, the lucky owner will receive a signed and numbered print of one of the 15 main characters from the collection.

Signature Trait:

Autographs (100)

One hundred lucky redeemers can use our new autograph functionality, submit their names, and observe the artists’ message and autograph appear on their NFT!

Appointment Trait:

Online Meeting (5)

Five very lucky individuals are going to have an opportunity to set up an online meeting with the artists, and talk with them for an hour about art, ask questions and advice from the artists, or even ask them to draw something simple for them (only digitally). (Be mindful of the time limit, terms and conditions apply!)

The Sale Information:

Private Pre-Sale (Only for pre-mint list and EC holders): Jun 6, 2022

Public Sale: Jun 7, 2022

Public Sale ends: Jun 21, 2022 (or at sell-out)

Artwork Reveal: Jun 23, 2022 (or 2 days after sale ends)

Trait Reveal:   Jun 30, 2022 (or 7 days after sale ends)

Initial Series Sale (3,000 NFTS):

Pre-Sale: 0.06 ETH (Only for pre-mint signups)

EC Holders Discount:  OG 15%, Alpha 10%, Founder 5%

Max # of mints per address: 5

Public Sale: 0.07 ETH

Max # of mints per address: 5

$DUST Proofing

With $Dust Proofing technology, the buyers of the first 3,000 cards will get back the purchase price in $DUST Utility Tokens, over a period of a year. $DUST will start trickling on your card on day 1, and will continue to do so until the full amount is returned.

(The amount is calculated and set on the day of the purchase, based on exchange rates from that day and will not change.)

The NFT Vault

After the initial sale, there will be 6,000 additional NFTs available in a vault that players can use to build their collection.  These cards can either be purchased with $DUST, or redeemed for free (other than gas) via our Loyalty Cards Program (information below).

GRD/Galaxis Community Appreciation Events:

Loyalty Cards Program

To show our appreciation for all the loyal Ether Cards holders, Galaxis is offering Loyalty Cards for the Girls Robots Dragons NFT collection sale!

If you're an Ether Card Founder, Alpha and/or OG NFT holder, for every GRD NFT that you buy during the presale and/or public sale, you can claim 1 free GRD NFT from the vault. Up to a limit of as many ECs you have in the wallet.

Storyboard Competition

  • Choose your own adventure storyboard. You write the story using the GRD characters and their background. You can do animations, drawings, written stories, anything you want! The sky's the limit!
  • The artists will decide the winners!


Top 1-5: 1 Ether Card Founder each (total 5 NFTs).

Top 6-10: $300 in DUST each ($1,500 DUST total).

GRD Discord OG Club Roles

  1. The first 1,000 people to join the GRD Discord earn the 1K OG role and will be entered in a drawing to win 1 Ether Card Founder NFT! Check out the Ether Card NFT collection on OpenSea:

  1. The Ether Card Founder may also be used to get the 5% mint discount during the presale.  Register here:

  1. For every additional 5,000 people that join the GRD Discord, a corresponding OG Club Role will be assigned. For example, 5K OG, 10K OG, 15K OG - and each OG Club Role achieved (based on server stats) unlocks more Founder Cards.
  2. 1 Ether Card Founder drawing unlocks at 1,000 members, 5 more Ether Card Founders at 5,000 members, 5 more Ether Card Founders drawn at 10,000 members and so on and so forth.
  3. The earlier that you join the Discord, the more drawings you will be eligible to participate in for prizes!


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