We’ve all spent the weekend hunting for Easter eggs: chocolate ones, in our living room, bedroom, or maybe our garden. But is that all there is for NFT and crypto enthusiasts now that Easter has rolled away?

The market seems to have responded a resounding ‘no’ to that question, when it was asked.

But the shrewd might have understood that we’re talking about another kind of Easter egg: the one developers and creatives prefer. Rather than with delicious egg shaped chocolate, they get their kicks by hiding tiny bits of information, little hints and riddles in the most unlikely corners of their creations.

Films, video games, illustrations, paintings and even Aphex Twin records feature them… and have done so for centuries. So why wouldn’t NFTs?

NFT creators have gone wild with their creativity, after all there’s a serious chance they know a thing or two about cryptography right? Easter eggs have been hidden in illustrations, in metadata, in Ethereum addresses, in seeds… the list goes on and on.

These ‘eggs’ are usually a riddle themselves, or they might be one or more words that need to be combined into a URL. Sometimes they might require specific file conversions or modifications to be revealed, other times an eagle’s eye might be enough.

Once cracked, the ‘eggs’ will lead the successful hunters to boast of the honor won, sometimes even with a free NFT, some bonus content or a monetary reward for the lucky few. Plus, the satisfaction of cracking the creator’s ‘code’ is hard to beat.

The Ether Cards community has a lot of developers and creatives around… so, is Easter really over?