Hodler's delight: introducing collectibles and community bonuses

We are working on a series of initiatives that starts to unlock the true potential of your Ether Cards. These features are designed to show our appreciation of your support for us as we travel on this exciting journey together, and today we'd like to unveil a few.

Hodler's delight: introducing collectibles and community bonuses

As promised in our last post, we've had our heads down over the past week. While we are working hard to continue expanding the potential of the Ether Cards platform and to ensure a successful sale period, we haven't forgotten about you - our community.

We are working on a series of initiatives designed specifically to show our appreciation and gratitude of your early support as we travel on this exciting journey together. Today, we'd like to unveil a few.

Pristine Card bonuses

We are excited to announce a new concept to the world of Ether Cards: Pristine Cards.

What are they? In order for your NFT to be classed a Pristine Card, it will need to be an Ether Card purchased from the official sale website (not on OpenSea or any other third-party marketplaces) and held in the wallet it was sent to after minting for at least 30 calendar days.

Why do I want one? Pristine Cards will unlock an exciting feature: each card with this status will receive a guaranteed extra Common trait, randomly assigned!

Collectible Series

We have also divided all 10,000 available Ether Cards into 10 different 'Collectible Series'.

What are they? Collectible Series will divide all founder cards by serial number, in collections of 1,000 cards each. For example, Collectible Series 1 will run from serial 10 to 999 (excluding the Founder Creator cards), Collectible Series 2 will go from 1,000 to 1,999, and so forth. All the way to Collectible Series 10, which will start with 9,000 and end on card 9,999.

Why do I care? Soon we will announce card sets in which you will be able to complete for powerful bonuses. By obtaining cards from different series and adding them into your own collection, that is, held in the one wallet, you will complete different sets. Completing these sets will unlock additional benefits to the owner. For example, you might get a bonus for holding a certain amount of cards belonging to the same series, or get rewards for holding cards in as many series as possible, etc.

We know some of you have seen hints of this in your card’s metadata and we can’t wait to share more details on this soon.

Both of these features will reward early adopters and those who support us through website purchases, as well as providing further incentives to engage with the platform and wider collection.

Time to get collecting!