LaMelo Ball Partners with Ether Cards and Chainlink to Launch an Evolving NFT Collection

NBA Rookie of the Year favorite LaMelo Ball has partnered with Ether Cards and Chainlink to launch a cutting-edge collection of dynamic NFTs. Holding First Edition Ether Cards grants exclusive benefits for the upcoming sale.

LaMelo Ball Partners with Ether Cards and Chainlink to Launch an Evolving NFT Collection

The LaMelo Ball NFT Collectibles edition of 10,000 tokens features 3-D avatars of the Charlotte Hornets point guard commemorating moments from his rookie career. If LaMelo wins Rookie of the Year, the 500 top-tier EVOLVE tokens will be activated and holders will see their tokens respond to the event with evolving avatars. Top-tier tokens also unlock special access to LaMelo as well entry to an exclusive event to win physical items straight from the star player. As LaMelo's career evolves, so will the collection with dynamic integrations to stats and milestones.

As point guard for the Hornets, LaMelo led almost every other NBA rookie in points, assists, and steals. This week, the NBA listed him as the frontrunner for NBA Rookie of the Year after winning “Rookie of the Month” four times in a row. If he wins Rookie of the Year, LaMelo will join basketball icons like Michael Jordan, Tim Duncan, Shaq, LeBron, Kevin Durant, and Allen Iverson.

In his collaboration with Ether Cards, LaMelo will become the first professional athlete to issue an NFT collection that evolves based on his performance. LaMelo Ball Collectibles bring together the technological power of the blockchain and the excitement of fantasy sports. Athletes like LaMelo can use NFTs to connect directly with their most engaged fans and to manage access to events and special drops of physical memorabilia. With dynamic tools by Ether Cards and Chainlink, athletes can now also create collections that respond to their game-play and career milestones. With this multi-tiered collection, LaMelo can address different communities within his fanbase and offer fans exclusive participation in endorsement deals and public appearances.

LaMelo Ball’s collection is divided into four rarity tiers. The 500 top-tier EVOLVE tokens in the collection represent a historical first with their dynamic ability to respond to the player’s real-world activity. Powered by Chainlink’s VRF and Oracle Network technology, holders of EVOLVE tokens will be entered into verifiably random events to win highly curated memorabilia – including in-game shoes, custom arm-sleeves, and his high school championship ring. EVOLVE tokens also grant direct access to chat with LaMelo in his official Discord. A dynamic response in the avatars on EVOLVE tokens will be activated if LaMelo Ball is selected as the NBA Rookie of the Year, and holders will be able to experience the milestone along with him. The 500 top-tier tokens will only ever be offered in the month of June 2021. Gamified experiences will make the edition increasingly scarce over time as tokens are burned in the course of interactive events based on changes in LaMelo’s stats.

Three lucky tokenholders from the three other tiers will be selected to win a top-tier EVOLVE token. Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) will fairly determine the recipients of LaMelo’s EVOLVE NFTs. Since Chainlink VRF is tamper-proof and openly auditable, it is guaranteed that LaMelo’s EVOLVE NFTs will be distributed to users in a provably fair and unbiased manner.

The sale will launch on on 4 June. Leading up to the launch, join the LaMelo Discord to keep up with updates on the project and get the chance to chat with LaMelo directly.

Holding First Edition Ether Cards (OGs, Alphas and Founders) grants exclusive benefits for this upcoming sale. We'll keep you updated on the specifics as soon as we have the details.