With only four days left before our main sale, the team has been working furiously to update the main sale pricing structure after the overwhelming interest received in the presale. We know this is something everyone has been patiently anticipating over the last week, and to say we’re excited to finally share it with you all is an understatement!

Before we get into the specifics of our decision on new pricing, please allow us to walk you through our reasoning and our process. We feel this is important so the community can understand and share our line of thinking.

Why the Change?

On February 22, the Ethercards presale went live with 25% of the cards available for early supporters. One of the main drivers for this offering was to provide an opportunity for the community to purchase cards without having to worry about inflated gas fees and competitive buying driving prices up faster than they could buy.

Within hours, it was evident that interest far exceeded our expectations and there was clearly a demand for more than the allocated presale cards.

Note: Presale prices for Commons, Alphas, and OGs were 0.5 ETH, 5 ETH, & 20 ETH respectively. However, some OGs ended up selling at 40 ETH due to demand exceeding the price bracket set.

Presale buyers did not receive a discount in price and were aware that the main sale prices were likely to start below presale prices. Regardless, we still wanted to show our appreciation for their unwavering support. As such it was announced that each card purchased in the presale would receive a special “Phoenix Trait”, however, the details of said trait were not to be revealed until now.

As a result of the presale flurry, the current pricing curve for the cheapest cards (Commons) had already started increasing at a sustained rate. During our discussion with the early supporters, concerns were raised about the new main sale entry point potentially pricing out many would-be retail purchasers. As such, we felt that the pricing curve needed to be reconsidered to ensure:

  1. The new main sale entry price point did not start too high for would-be purchasers
  2. Early adopters still received exclusive benefits for their support
  3. The pricing curve still remained fair, transparent, and accurately represented a fair value of the cards

Of course, our early adopters will always hold a special place in our heart, but we value each and every member of the EtherCards community and want to make everyone happy. We spent quite a few days taking on feedback, advice, and differing opinions from many of our community members, and even more time deliberating this internally!

Based on the feedback received we have finally come to what we feel is the best solution for the issue at hand.

We understand that some will have a different opinion even after reading this announcement, and we do respect and value your input. If you would like to voice your thoughts, please feel free to reach out to the team directly on Discord or Twitter.

(If you've skipped ahead to this point, please do reconsider and give the above a read. It will be really useful to make sense of the proposed changes below).

So now, what you were waiting for… *drum roll*


Common Cards

Starting price for Commons: 0.3 ETH

The Common Cards will be on sale starting from 0.3 ETH, incrementally increasing up to 5.0 ETH, the pricing will follow a customized bell curve:

After the second last Common Card is sold, the final Common Card will be randomly listed at one of two prices. It will either be listed at 55 ETH (the same price as the most expensive OG Card) OR 0.055 ETH!! Note: There will be a separate announcement with more details about this soon

It will be exciting to see who will get that card!

Alpha Cards

Starting price for Alphas: 5.0 ETH

The Alpha Cards will be on sale starting from 5.0 ETH, incrementally increasing up to 25 ETH, following this curve:

These prices were adjusted in order to better align with presale pricing.

OG Cards

Starting price for OGs: 30 ETH

The OG Cards will be on sale starting from 30 ETH, incrementally increasing up to 55 ETH, following this curve:

These prices were adjusted in order to better align with presale pricing.

We understand that there was discussion that Common prices would not be lower than presale prices and we understand how that may feel for some of you. What we haven’t got to yet is the extra value for presale cards - the “Phoenix Trait”. This is more than exciting for us to share and, we hope, is received with the same level of excitement!

But in order to keep true to our word that presale buyers will be able to get the best value possible anyone who purchased in the presale will be able to burn their Phoenix Trait and receive 0.2 ETH — the difference between the presale price and the starting Common price.

But keep in mind that every Phoenix Trait burned increases the rarity, and in turn benefits, of all remaining Phoenix Traits.

The Phoenix Trait

The Phoenix Trait is the gift that keeps on giving, for a while at least! We thought about a few different options, and eventually, we realized that our community is buying because they want NFTs. So, what’s better than an NFT…? How about two NFTs? Or three... maybe six, or… ok you get the picture.

That’s right, the Phoenix trait, assigned to every single presale card, will receive ongoing NFT drops from some of EtherCards' onboarded artists for a period of time.

The drop details are as follows:

Presale OG Cards will receive art drops from some of the best artists ever to sign with EtherCards.

Period: TBA

Number of drops: TBA

Presale Alpha Cards will receive art drops from a wide variety of artists that have signed with EtherCards with chances to receive drops from OG artists.

Period: TBA

Number of drops: TBA

Presale Common Cards will receive art drops from any of the artists that have signed with EtherCards with chances to receive drops from Alpha artists.

Period: TBA

Number of drops: TBA

That means for every Common, Alpha, and OG card bought in presale, you will end up with multiple NFTs! But that wouldn't be enough to justify naming this trait 'Phoenix', right?

We'll have to tease you and leave you there, as we can't reveal any further specifics at the moment. But this is not the end of benefits for Phoenix Trait holders, actually... the best is yet to come.

This solution is an absolute win for every single member of the EtherCard community. We are continuing to work day and night to ensure this launch is a memorable one (for all the right reasons)!

Oh… and we have continued to sign up even more amazing artists, some you are sure to recognize! So make sure you head on over to the artists' gallery.

Thank you for your patience and support!

The EtherCards team