Deep in the dark bowels of Mount Ether Cards, there lies a room that rings with the clash of metal and rock. Billowing heat from its heart like a living dragon, the Forge is not for the feint of heart. But those that dare enter are set to obtain rare and unique riches.

Ok, maybe it’s not as fantastical as that, but it’s still an incredible feature we are more than excited to reveal.

The Forge is a place in which Ether Cards collectors can combine their cards to select desired layers and Traits, forging a new version of their card. The cost… is to sacrifice the other card, discarding the leftover art layers and Traits.

You can combine any card with another — OG, Alpha, or Founder — to create a unique and more desirable card. Upon forging the cards, collectors will have to select one of each art layer they would like to keep on their card, along with choosing from one of the current sets of Traits.

Upon selecting the desired set of Traits, the card # will also be set as it is connected with the Traits. So if you have card #123 and card #456, if you select to keep the Traits from card #123, then your new card will have this same serial number and card #456 will be sacrificed.