When first hearing about ‘accidental art’, one might understandably be at loss.

We’re used to art being something which is often patently ‘useless’ in a utilitarian sense. Instead, we often justify the artistic value of creative work through its creator's intentions. Some paintings or statues might actually cause us to think 'I could have done that when I was 5'. It is indeed not the 'ability' to produce a certain artwork that is monetised through its sale and valuation, but the artists' own unique and voluntary act of creation.

How can there be 'accidental' art that still carries some of that value?

The Beauty is in the detail

We've asked some of our artists to produce a few layered artworks, all very different in style and scope but complying with a basic graphic template. These will be the intentional, purposeful bricks of our accidental, combinatory artistic construction — The Accidental Collaboration.

Artist template for Accidental Art Collaboration
Artist template for Accidental Art Collaboration

These are standardized in size and alignment, and divided in categories — background, noise pattern, two supporting elements, and main image. Artists are free to contribute with just one or two elements or a complete set with a layer for each category.

One in a million… almost

We'll be throwing all of these layers in a mixing pool together with some 'common' ones - these will not be artist-specific but rather generic Ether Cards branded assets. During the sale, our smart contract will be automatically drawing from the figurative pool and combining these layers into a vast range of 'accidental' cards, all extremely scarce and quasi-impossible to replicate. The chance of a combined image being created twice is 1/248,832. If this does happen, that in itself would make the pair of cards highly rare.

The 'combinatory' cards will then be placed on a scale of rarity based on their composition. Most cards will have at least one or two 'common' layers, but some more valuable ones won't. Generally speaking, you can expect to have art from between one to three unique artists.

Accidental Art Collaboration artwork in wallet

Perfect Collaborations

A few select ones might even be 'not so accidental'... as they might feature all 5 layers from the same artist. If you do find one like this, don't be alarmed: you might have missed out on the fun of combinatory art, but you'll have a treasure in your hands. They are ultra-rare!

Two of the few ultra rare Perfect Art Collaborations
Two of the few ultra rare Perfect Art Collaborations

You will be able to find out who's created the parts of your card by looking through the card's metadata, so it'll be as transparent as it gets. It might be a good idea to start familiarising yourself with those images and our artists' roster, as we'll be using the same collection of images for our NFT games too.

As Saul Goodman would say... layer up! Ether Cards is launching on 18.03.2021 and it'll be the best chance to get your hands on the next chapter for trading cards and gamification assets. Oh, and there is one more thing… when your card’s art is revealed, make sure to read through the lines… you might end up with more than you asked for!

Please note: All images are examples only, and may not be the same as those created in the sale.