The Accidental Collaboration Art Reveal

The Accidental Collaboration Art Reveal

Wow! What a crazy week it has been! It started out with the Pristine Status for all you diamond hands, then the major card rebranding of Commons to Founders, followed by the Alpha Art Reveal.

But that wasn’t it!

The very next day we announced the intricate and exciting Magic Dust, with card levels, ongoing discounts, and mystery boxes. Then we had the Accidental Collaboration art test which caused quite a stir among the community.

And finally, the news you all have been dying to hear. The Accidental Collaboration Art Reveal is at hand! With 3,686,144 unique combinations, Ether Cards has been painstakingly testing, tweaking, checking and rechecking, and then doing it all over again, to ensure the art is incredible.

And to say we are excited we could bring this forward almost a whole week would be an understatement! You will soon see exquisite art on your Ether Cards being revealed with the 5-layered art that is the “Accidental Collaboration.”

For those that aren’t familiar with this, Ether Cards commissioned multiple artists to produce “layers” of artwork that could be combined to create impressive art murals. The 5 layers of art that each card receives will be a combination of “common” and artist art, randomly selected for each card. If you’d like to learn more, read our post about the Accidental Collaboration art feature.

Now you might love your artwork, and we hope you do, but also keep an eye out for art that is EXTRA special. There are two types, “Perfect Cards” and “Dupes.”

Perfect Cards - These are cards where all layers are from the same artist. This art is extremely rare and only a small number of you will be lucky enough to get these.

Dupes - Dupes, or duplicates are pairs of an image that are identical. These create sets of cards that could be quite valuable if held by the same owner.

If your card does not fall into one of the above two categories, then your card is likely a Unique art card. That is, there is no other card with the exact 5-layer combination as yours. These in themselves mean that you have a one-of-a-kind card... and the Traits haven’t even been revealed yet!

Common Layers

Many cards have layers that are not attributed to any artists, and marked as “common” in the card’s metadata. In fact, there are likely to be a few dozen cards whose all 5 layers are “common”. These, unfortunately, are not Perfects.

The reason is that while an artist-accredited image has exactly 5 layers, commons have much more combinations: there are 30+ common layer variations distributed (unevenly) between the 5 layers.

So, while an all-common card has its own rarity (only a few in 10,000), they are not considered “Perfect”. This is an important distinction, because “Perfect” cards WILL have special abilities in the near future.

Teaser: The Forge

If you did not get a Perfect card, don’t worry -- you might be able to forge one… The Forge is a mysterious activity calling upon the ancient skills of long ago. The Forge will be deployed shortly after the end of the sale, making it possible to take some properties from different cards to create a better, stronger card. But the price to pay is high -- some cards will have to be sacrificed…

We will share more details about this in the coming weeks.

There is so much more to come from Ether Cards, and we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what NFT's can do.