This is it!

If you’ve been with us throughout the thrilling and stimulating journey leading up to this week, you’ll know what’s at stake. If you haven’t, it’s not too late to join us for what will be the biggest step so far towards realising Ether Cards’ full value and potential.

This Thursday, 18.03.2021, at 9AM EST Ether Cards’ main sale will be commencing, giving everyone an opportunity to buy into the future of NFT gamification and value generation.

Some of you will have been part of our community for a while now, either as supporters on our Discord and Reddit spaces, or as the pioneering early adopters who were able to snag some of the cards released in presale.

We’re not going to hold off on the cheesiness: we were absolutely honoured with the trust and excitement demonstrated by our first group of users and their incredible uptake of our offer. We sold 25 OG cards, 154 Alpha cards and 1573 Commons in a few hours! It was such a success that we had to momentarily pause the presale to allow our accounting and distribution processes some breathing room - but we have upgraded our infrastructure to ensure this won’t be a problem when the much awaited full launch is upon us.

No need to worry about missing out for now, however. We still have around 8250 cards left to grab - out of a collection of 9900 in total. Furthermore, the likelihood of obtaining unique and rare traits for each category remains the same as during our early access sale. Just make sure to be up and ready early on Thursday (or late, depending on your timezone!).

If you’re lucky, your cards might feature one or more of our best traits. These will include the Lucky trait, increasing your chance of finding rare cards indefinitely, Discount traits with up 50% off every future purchase on the platform, ‘Free Service’ cards, and much more. You can explore them all in our main traits page.

We’ve also worked hard to bring more and more amazing art from a roster of both emerging and established creators from around the world. We're talking about giants of the art scene like Dirty Robot, Mark McKenna, Humberto Baca, Mark Molnar from Pixoloid and many more. You can now read all about them and see samples of their work on our new Artist Gallery.

That’s not all, folks. We’re working hard not just to improve the quality of the cards you’ll purchase, but to build a framework of partnerships with key players in the space. This will not just improve the quality of our service, but also boost EtherCards’ standing in the increasingly crowded NFT scene.

Whether it’s working with Chainlink’s VRF to ensure our scarcity and trait distribution are fair and decentralised, or striking a promotional partnership with Brave browser, we’re keen to be where the future of blockchain is heading.

If you want to be a part of it, jump on our ‘Register Now’ button. Cards will be on sale from 9AM on launch day on Thursday, 18th of March and will be priced accordingly to an incremental curve which is publicly available on our Sale Details page. OG Cards will range 30-55 ETH, Alpha cards will go for between 5 and 25 ETH, and Commons will be accessible starting from 0.3 ETH all the way to 5 ETH as they get more and more scarce.

You’ll want to be there nice and early, so you can bag yourself the best deal.

And if this isn’t enough as a hype fix, go check out our new intro video on YouTube. The clock is ticking!