We've talked about how important early adopters and Ether Cards pioneers are to our community, and we're continuously working on ways to reward them for their support.

At the same time, we want to make sure we're also supporting new entrants who will join the project at later stages of the sale and further up the bonding curve. Providing incentives for them will inevitably bring a reflected benefit to the wider community too. And, most importantly, it will increase the value of all cards already in circulation and improve the platform's functions, while promoting long term organic growth.

For these reasons, we're introducing two new bonuses to reward Common and Alpha buyers going forward. Both will trigger once there are only 5350 NFTs left for sale in the Ether Cards Founder series.

The Common BAT bonus

We'll be awarding buyers with free BAT tokens equivalent to the dollar value of every 5th Common card purchased during the sale. These will be coming from a pool of $5.9million in BAT tokens which we have set aside for you.

For example, if you pay 2.0 ETH for card sale 5345, you will receive the same ~$3,400 in BAT tokens. If you are the fifth buyer after that and you pay 5.0ETH for your card, you will receive ~$8,500 in BAT! *

Accordingly, the rewards will be offered when the amount of remaining cards is: 5345, 5340, 5335, 5300... and so forth.

The Alpha upgrade

That’s not it! We’ll also be rewarding every 25th Common card purchase with a free upgrade to an Alpha card. We'll be staggering this slightly so the Alpha and Common bonuses don't overlap.

A free upgrade will be offered when the amount of remaining cards is 5318, 5293, 5268, 5243, and so forth.

We hope you'll appreciate this offer and will make sure to spread the word about it in the community.

* Note: $ value is correct at the time of writing and will change based on ETH’s current price. In order to activate this bonus, card owners must hold their eligible cards for 30 days without transferring them.