The Great #999 CryptoPunk Giveaway

30 CryptoPunks worth more than $11 million is the largest Punk giveaway in history and you could participate by simply getting Dust tokens, dropped onto all Ether Card NFTs.

The Great #999 CryptoPunk Giveaway

Ether Cards owns 30 CryptoPunks which will be distributed to the community. To celebrate the incredible success of this project and the amazing community that has supported us we want to give these CryptoPunks to you, the Ether Card owners. Finally, the details can now be revealed!

This is the largest Punk giveaway in history and you could participate by simply getting Dust tokens, dropped onto all Ether Card NFTs. You can view the entire Ether Card collection via the Ether Card Explorer or purchase them on OpenSea.

Dust is the Ether Card’s ERC20 community token and will be used across the entire Ether Card ecosystem. More details regarding the Dust token will be announced soon.

There will be 2 avenues in which any Ether Card owner may obtain some or all of a Punk:

  1. #999Punks Giveaway (27 Punks)
  2. Battle Royale (3 Punks)

#999Punks Giveaway

This giveaway will be available to all 10,000 Ether Cards, regardless of where they are held or who owns them. The collection is broken into 3 tiers — 90 OGs, 900 Alphas, and 9,000 Founders. These tiers differ in the artwork on the cards and the Traits (benefits) assigned to them.

Note: 10 cards are reserved as Creator Cards and not available for the public.

27 Punks will be split into 3 pools of 9 Punks. 9 Punks will be allocated to the 90 OG cards, 9 Punks allocated to the 900 Alpha cards, and 9 Punks for the 9,000 Founder cards.

Each punk will be represented by 1,000,000 Dust tokens. In total 9,000,000 Dust tokens will be distributed to each pool with equal portions spread between every Ether Card in their respective types.

  • Each OG will receive 100,000 Dust tokens.
  • Each Alpha will receive 10,000 Dust tokens.
  • Each Founder will receive 1,000 Dust tokens.

In order to obtain a complete Punk, one will need to collect 1,000,000 Dust tokens to use in the redemption pool.

The Dust tokens will be dropped onto each Ether Card and will stay with that card until they are redeemed by the owner. Any unredeemed Dust on a card will move with that card if it is sold or transferred. Any card obtained from the vault after the giveaway will have the specified amount of Dust tokens on it.

No action will be needed for a card to be eligible to receive its portion of Dust tokens.

The giveaway date will be announced soon on our blog, Twitter, and via Discord.

This will be a great opportunity for everyone to promote Ether Cards using the #999Punks tag.

Battle Royale

This event will still go ahead and will be used to distribute the remaining 3 CryptoPunks. More details regarding the structure of the Battle Royale, event dates, and how to participate will be announced soon on the blog, Twitter, and via Discord.

Meebits + Other Pools

It is also worth mentioning that Ether Cards also holds 30 Meebits and will put these in a pool that can also be redeemed with Dust.

In addition to these, there will be pools for Mike Tyson and Ether cards. So the initial list of pools Dust can be used to redeem NFTs on is as follows:

- 27 CryptoPunks
- 30 Meebits
- 25 Mike Tyson NFTs
- 50 Alphas
- 250 Founders


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