The Upcoming Trait Reveal

The Upcoming Trait Reveal

Now that the Ether Cards sale has concluded we know most of you are looking eagerly to the Trait reveal for your cards. This post will explain how things will look over the coming weeks.

The Trait reveal was delayed in order for the redesigning of the Royalty Traits and Cryptopunks. These benefits will now be made available only to eligible cardholders.

We also took the opportunity to increase the Punk odds for all existing cardholders.

Improvements In Limited Edition Trait Distribution

Furthermore, we significantly improved the distribution of the limited-edition Traits. The limited-edition Traits provide fundamental benefits on the Ether Cards platform, and we want to make sure that everyone who owns one of the 10,000 cards can enjoy those benefits, regardless of how you plan to use it.

Based on the improved model, all Founder cards will have one limited-edition Trait guaranteed, while Alphas have two and OGs three as a minimum. The new system also potentially enables cardholders to eventually acquire most, if not all, limited-edition Traits.

This way the fundamental capabilities of the cards don't depend on randomness, and any card has the ability to reach its full potential.

The exact details of the skill tree system that will enable the evolution of the cards will be detailed in a subsequent post.

Battle Royale!

Punks and Royalty Traits will now be distributed through a new Ether Cards game type dubbed “the Battle Royale.” These events will be restricted to eligible Ether Cards holders and will be free to enter.

Anyone who holds a card that was minted before the end of the main sale can enter. That means presale cards, main sale cards, cards purchased via secondary markets and a small number of cards given to artists and other community members from our vault are all eligible. The Ether Cards team will not use the vault cards to compete.

The exact details of the battle royale game will be disclosed in a separate post and will be designed so that chance will not be the main determining factor. It will not be pay-to-win, meaning the amount of funds held by a participant will not affect their chance to win. The only way to increase your chances is to hold more cards and higher card types (i.e. Alphas or OGs).

With this new distribution approach, there are a few aspects that need to be carefully designed, like providing the specified increased chances for Alpha and OG holders while not unfairly diminishing chances for Founder Cardholders.

We are designing this game to comply with legal standards across many regions to make certain that anyone can participate, regardless of their jurisdiction.

We are working with game theory and gamification experts to design this new game format. It will take time, but it will be worth the wait.

The Royalty Traits

The Royalty Traits provide holders with assets of equivalent value to 0.01% for Independents, 0.1% for Nobility, and 1% for the Sovereign One of the main sale figures. Royalty Trait Owners will be decided via a (series of) Battle Royale game(s) as mentioned above. The prizes will be handed out in the form of tokens from a special NFTX Ether Cards pool.

A sufficient amount of Founder Cards will be used to provide a total of 180 ETH spread over the 111 Royalty Trait holders. The exact number of cards will be determined after the initial price discovery of the NFTX pool that we are creating. This mechanism is used in order to avoid potential legal issues, KYC, and restricting this Trait to only certain regions around the world.

Liquidity will be ensured by the NFTX pool. We are already working with the NFTX team and will be one of the first projects to utilize their NFTX V2 pool. It will be a vast improvement from the current pool design and is expected to be released in mid-late May.

The CryptoPunks

The other great prize pool whose fate will be determined by Battle Royales are the 30 Cryptopunks that can be found at punks.ethercards.eth

In order to make our early supporters benefit further, we have decided to change the distribution so that ALL 30 Punks will be distributed only between the already sold cards and mystery boxes.  Approximately two-thirds of the punks will go to cardholders with the remainder being put into Mystery Boxes.

Punks distributed directly to cardholders will be done with the Battle Royale mechanism described above.

Note: The exact distribution breakdown between cardholders and Mystery Boxes will be confirmed in a separate post, but according to current plans at least 20 will be going directly to cardholders.

Added Value

Instead of less than half of the Royalty Traits and only some of the Punks being handed out, all will be distributed to current cardholders, thus requiring a new smart contract.

Traits Breakdown

Limited Traits

As we established above, every card will receive one or more Limited Traits. These Traits are the ones that provide powerful ongoing benefits on the Ether Cards platform. The initial set of Limited Trait categories are:

  • Discount Traits
  • Creation Traits
  • Coupon Traits
  • Ticket Traits
  • Lucky Traits

The number of Limited Trait categories will increase as the platform is developed further.

Every Founder card will initially have only one slot to receive a Limited Trait, Alpha cards will have two slots, and OGs will have three slots. Any card can only ever hold one Trait from any given category, but the number of Limited Trait slots can be increased through completing special actions.

Note: Although all cards have a set number of slots for Limited Traits, they can still receive multiple other random or conditional Traits. For example, a Founder may only be able to hold one Limited Trait, but they could still end up with two Conditional Traits and two Random Traits for a total of five Traits.

Discount Traits

Discount traits are relatively straightforward: they provide discounts for all applicable services, both for event creators and event participants.

  • Founder cards will start with a 5% discount that can be upgraded until it reaches the maximum at a 25% discount.
  • Alphas start with 15% and can be upgraded until they reach the maximum at 35%.
  • OGs start with 25% and will max out at 50%.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Discount traits will be upgradeable using level-up mechanisms related to the dust or similar features.

Creation Traits

Creation Traits provide users with free services when creating events on the Ether Cards platform.

  • Free Ticket Creation - Use Ether Card ticket creation services for free
  • Free Blind Bag Creation - Use Ether Card Blind Bag creation services for free
  • Free Puzzle Creation - Use Ether Card puzzle creation services for free
  • All Services Free - Use all Ether Card platform creation services for free*

*This Trait can only be gained by leveling up a card. The only exception is for the Artist Trait. Terms and Conditions apply.

Coupon Traits*

Coupon Traits provide users with benefits that can be sold/traded:

  • Dropper - TBA
  • Disco Dropper - TBA
  • Double Disco Dropper - TBA
  • Bonus Dropper - TBA

*This is still being developed and could be removed or redesigned. Terms and Conditions apply.

Ticket Traits

User Traits provide users with benefits when participating in Ticket events.

  • 1 Extra Ticket - Receive an extra free ticket when participating in ticket events
  • 2 Extra Ticket - Receive two extra free tickets when participating in ticket events
  • 3 Extra Ticket - Receive three extra free tickets when participating in ticket events

Ticket traits will be upgradeable using level-up mechanisms related to the dust or similar features.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Lucky Traits

Lucky Traits provide users with benefits when purchasing Blind Bags:

  • 3 Leaf Lucky Clover - Receive a higher chance of obtaining rare cards when purchasing Blind Bags
  • 4 Leaf Lucky Clover - Receive a higher chance of obtaining rare cards when purchasing Blind Bags
  • 5 Leaf Lucky Clover - Receive a higher chance of obtaining rare cards when purchasing Blind Bags

Terms and Conditions apply.

Reroll Trait

Every Ether Card will receive the following Reroll Trait:

  • Reroll - For the gambler and brave of heart, reroll your entire set of Traits and receive a purely random set

Note: The random set of Traits received may not follow the rules outlined above. You could end up with many Traits or only one or two. The number of Limited Trait slots, however, will not change. Terms and Conditions apply.

Dust Trait

Every Ether Card will receive the following Dust Trait:

  • Dust - Having this Trait allows your card to collect dust automatically

Terms and Conditions apply.

Random Traits

In addition to the above set of Traits that every Ether Card will receive, each card also has the chance to receive one or more limited Traits.

The following list outlines the Limited Traits your card could receive:

  • OG Upgrade - Replace your card with an OG card
  • Alpha Upgrade - Replace your card with an Alpha card
  • Art Drop - Receive special occasional art NFT drops
  • Rando Dropper - TBA
  • Bonus Trait slot - Gain an extra Limited Trait slot
  • Forge Protector - When using the Forge, this card is protected from being sacrificed, this Trait is burnt instead.
  • BAT - TBA

Note: To redeem the Upgrade Traits, cardholders will need to send their Founder or Alpha into the vault and will be sent a random different Alpha or OG card with different Traits, Artwork, and serial number. Terms and Conditions apply.

Conditional Traits

Certain Traits are guaranteed if your card meets the eligibility requirements.

The following list outlines the Conditional Traits your card could receive and the eligibility requirements for each one:

  • Phoenix - Cards purchased during the presale
  • Classic EC* - User who posted a classic Ether Card on Twitter
  • Artist* - An artist who provided art for the sale
  • Supporter* - Community members who have contributed to the Ether Cards project
  • Creator* - Ether Cards team member
  • Discord* - Ether Cards discord user
  • Redemption - Cards that have physical items attached to them
  • Perfect - Cards with all accidental art layers from the same artist
  • Forged - Cards that have passed through the Forge and not been sacrificed
  • 23c - TBA
  • Unicorn - TBA
  • OG Layer Drop - All OG Cards
  • Alpha Layer Drop - All Alpha Cards

Note: Traits with a * only apply to one card held by the eligible owner. The owner can choose which card this Trait will be assigned to. Redemption Trait will allow the cardholder to burn the Trait to receive one out of a specified list of items free of charge. Terms and Conditions apply.

Most of these Conditional Traits will be vanity Traits for now and will have benefits applied in the future. The Phoenix Trait already has one of its benefits outlined — that is, this Trait drops multiple art NFTs to the wallet it is held in over a period of time.

Pristine Status

Before we finish this post, I must touch on the Pristine status briefly. For those that do not know, any card purchased from the Main sale or presale, and has not moved wallets will be considered Pristine. However, it must be held for at least 30 days before this status is engaged. Let me quickly clarify a couple of questions surrounding this status:

Does the Pristine Status apply to OpenSea buyers?

No, we are aiming to design this status so that it only applies to those who bought from the actual Ether Cards website (or during the presale) and held. There are other bonuses that apply to all cards, including those purchased via secondary markets, like dust.

What happens if I moved my cards to a different wallet I own?

We will apply a grace period until the end of April. After the end date, Pristine status will be applied by taking a snapshot of all cards in their wallet. The status will engage 30 days FROM this snapshot date.

When does the 30-day count start?

In the original post, it was outlined that

“In order for your NFT to be classed a Pristine Card, it will need to be an Ether Card purchased from the official sale website (not on OpenSea or any other third-party marketplaces) and held in the wallet it was sent to after minting for at least 30 calendar days.”

This has been adjusted to allow for users who need time to get their cards into their desired wallets. As such the 30-day count will start from May 1st. This means in order to get the Pristine Status, you will need to keep your card in your wallet from May 1st until June 1st.

Roll Out

Traits will start rolling out this week and will continue to be revealed for quite a while.

The Limited Trait Slots will roll out first, followed by some of the Conditional and Random Traits. Next will be the Traits required to participate in the Battle Royale games for the Royalty Traits and the Punks.

Following these, OG and Alpha Upgrade Traits will be revealed — these will be assigned by the new VRF Trait Assigner Contract, so we can ensure 100% accountability.

Several other Conditional Traits will also be rolled out at this time, finishing with the Pristine Status in June.

A very important note — Although Traits will be rolled out shortly, they won’t be usable until the corresponding framework has been implemented. Their activation will depend on the functionality and the platform rollout, with the first version expected to go live in 6 to 7 weeks.

Ether Cards makes no representation, warranty, or undertaking, express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability, completeness, or reasonableness of the information in any posts. Any assumptions, opinions, and details expressed in any Ether Cards blog or community posts constitute Ether Card’s judgment as of the date hereof and are subject to change without notice. Any projections or claims contained in the information are based on a number of assumptions including, but not limited to market conditions and the current status of Ether Cards, and there can be no guarantee that any projected outcomes will be achieved.

Ether Cards does not accept any liability for any direct, consequential, or other loss arising from reliance on the contents of the information in this post.