Weekly Update Sep 21

The slow burn continues to pick up steam as Ether Cards logs another record week! The energy level is definitely increasing! The momentum has shifted into another gear and it is almost time to hang on for the ride of a lifetime! What is driving this new push? Read on to learn more!

Weekly Update Sep 21

Autumn is here. Winter is coming, but $DUST is arriving first! Get ready. The initial distribution is scheduled for September 30, 2021. The economists are working hard on the soon to be released tokenomics details. Read all about the initial $DUST drop and the CryptoPunks here!

More and more people discover the amazing power of Ether Cards everyday. From the technology to the community - excitement is growing. Discord membership has surpassed the previous record numbers. As of the writing of this update, the total number of Ether Cards Hodlers is at another all time high of 1,523 unique addresses!

During the latest AMA on Friday, viewership also reached new heights! Everyone tuned in for another killer episode of Andras slaying the internet. Thanks to the amazing Ether Cards community, word is spreading quickly.

What’s new this week? Let’s take a deep dive into the wonderful world of Ether Cards!


With so many amazing partnerships already underway, why not just add one of the greatest artist duos of all-time?  If you watched the marathon AMA with special guests, Zoltan Boros and Gabor Sziksai, you know exactly what we are talking about!

Girls Robots Dragons

World-renowned science fiction and fantasy artists, Zoltan Boros and Gabor Sziksai are lending their legendary talent to the Ether Cards ecosystem. Famous for providing the best quality art for Magic: The Gathering TCG, Dungeons & Dragons, Blizzard Entertainment, Hearthstone, Call of Duty, and Star Wars — their works are viewed by millions of fans worldwide! Girls Robots Dragons — coming to Ether Cards soon!


Congratulations to the DirtyRobot Summer Seasons Collection #1 NFT auction winner - MaxEther.eth at 4.20ETH! Not only will Max take home the 1/128 limited edition time-evolving NFT, an Ether Cards Founder, signed & numbered print - he also gets a one on one with Daniel Isles, too! Wow, what a great deal!  Remember, Autumn is upon us. Check out DirtyRobot’s discord for some sweet teasers, too.

LaMelo Ball

The LaMelo Ball Collectible Gold Evolve Raffle was another resounding success as three lucky winners bagged the upgrades! Congratulations to all the winners and the Ether Cards development team for another great execution.

Steve Aoki

The Forge is now open! If you have both a Distorted Reality and a Fighting Gravity NFT that still has its Forge Trait, you will be eligible to receive the Bridge Over Troubled Water NFT through this Forge. Upon forging, the Distorted Reality NFT will be burned, and the Fighting Gravity NFT will lose the Forge Trait.


According to Dr. Mark Hahnel, one of the Genomes.io founders, the token launch is moving into October - about a month from now. As a reminder, Ether Cards owners will be airdropped $GENE tokens on launch!


Things move fast in the Etherean Empire! This week, more details were released about the Etherean anatomy. Spoiler - they have four legs and they are kinda smart with those big brains. The prototype/concept was revealed for printable sculptures that will be released when the new website is live. Sculptures will have a full license for the token holders!


More news coming up this week in the live AMA with Andras and Zsolt Kosa! Tune in for more juicy details!


The marketing team is turning up the heat on Twitter as well as various traditional media channels. Thanks to targeted and sustained efforts, the community continues to grow and become ever-more vibrant and diverse.

Ether Cards continues to get great coverage across social media and through excellent  YouTube videos from NFT GG, CryptoRain, and Melos. We hope to see dozens more in the coming weeks and months!

With the ETHOnline 2021 Global Hackathon underway, Micky presented an amazing workshop: Diving into Ether Cards!

Finally, look for new Ether Cards explainer videos coming out this week!

Hidden just out of view in the shadows, I adjust my hood and accidentally reveal a somewhat disheveled, bewildered expression.  I’ve been following Gandalf - The Dust Wizard for what seems like an eternity, but in reality has probably only been months. He certainly is a mysterious character. Maybe even oddly quirky, too. Just when I think I’ve figured out what he is up to...shazam...he disappears! Only to be sighted later hanging out in the Wizard’s Tongue Tavern enjoying the latest refreshments or quietly hurrying down hidden corridors to attend secret meetings.

I suspect that he has all the answers to the questions that we’ve been asking since this journey began so long ago. Ok, not really that long ago, but it feels like this quest has grown into an epic adventure!

Now, watching him from a distance, I realize he has been leading me around this place. Or more accurately - directing me to look at the really important things that matter.  All the time he is wandering around town, mumbling to himself, looking at this or that and then moving on to the next thing - he’s really been showing us the way.  He’s been looking after the community and helping us to learn how to take care of each other. Gandalf has patiently watched us grow from a few fanatical supporters to a full-fledged and multifaceted community existing on the Ethereum Virtual Machine!

So, now that I see how much is involved in keeping this operation running and the vast contributions from our community - I wonder what he is up to next?  What is this D.A.V.E. that he is seeking? Why is he so interested in this mysterious sign?

Reaching the other end of this enormous cavern, two large doors loom over us. Just as he opens the door there is an enormous bang and blinding flash of light! Was that a sonic boom? I’m not sure. I’m knocked out cold and by the time I wake up - he’s gone!

Groggy, I hear an ethereal voice way off in the distance. I know I’ve heard that voice before, but where? It almost reminds me of the all-knowing and soothing Oracle character from The Matrix. Is my robe on fire? Something may be burning, but I’m not sure. Oh, some fresh baked cookies would be really nice right now. Mariana speaks softly. “0gz, is that you? Where is Gandalf? What happened here?”


Our community is on fire, too! From the Ether Cards discord to Twitter and YouTube, everyone is pushing the envelope on engagement and involvement. Thank you all for sharing the awesome interviews with Andras!

During the last AMA, three lucky winners took home Founder Cards.  Congratulations to @HODL APE, @honeybadger, and @KyBuckeye03!

Please stay tuned for more exciting contests and giveaways coming up as the CryptoPunk and $DUST release nears!

The 0xfiles.com workshop continues to impress as @thundersonic and the community contributors put out more content. Spotlight on future 0xfiles blog contributor and OG holder @norabbits for fighting money laundering in Africa!

A great big thank you to @DrEthereum for the updated Ether Cards Dune Analytics dashboard!

The Ether Cards Fantasy Football League is in full swing thanks to @savethedanimals and his rowdy bunch of competitors. If you weren’t able to get in on the first season, you can still follow all the action and entertainment in the discord channel.

Finally, thank you to all the new and veteran community members that help all our new arrivals find the way in Discord. @chasemurder.eth, @badrobotgreen, @schoad, @woodneto, @john, @dazza9, @johnnybullNFT, @linehacker.eth, @cryptocochise.eth, @matt808, @kbetz, @PipsquEECS, @bachan, @moonfarm, and @empathacrobat - you are truly unsung heroes. There are so many wonderful people in our community now that even wizards can’t keep up with everyone! We love you all!


Welcome to the new development team partners: Minyma! Without divulging any secrets, suffice to say they are helping with new traits and metadata.

We are happy to report that last week the fabled Golden Goose started laying NFTs! Congratulations to all the Trait holders for acquiring the spectacular DirtyRobot artwork.

The main focus for development this week is on the following tasks:

  • The Time Forge for DirtyRobot
  • Self Service Platform
  • Card Swap Trait
  • Good Company Trait
  • Battle Royale

Finally, the Battle Royale Beta results are in and we’d like to congratulate Thechampkid on attaining victory and taking home that Alpha Card! Second place goes to Kova and third to Matt808. Thank you all participants for helping to make this game a great experience for everyone!

Trait Council

The Trait Council continues its noble mission with marathon meetings and lively discussions. Thank you to everyone who contributes to the #traits-discussion channel. We very much appreciate your thoughts and encouragement!


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