Weekly Update: Aug 03

Ether Cards is the new standard in dynamic NFTs. And you, our Ether Cardholders are the ones who will receive the ongoing benefits of this new ecosystem.

Weekly Update: Aug 03

What is Ether Cards? For some of you, Ether Cards means your first NFT and an introduction to this exciting space. To others, it is the next edition of NFTs redefining what can be done with this technology. It is the right to join our powerful community, a dream turned into reality intersecting the digital world with the real world. Yes Ether Cards is a limited edition, super-powered dynamic NFT card collection, but it is also the birthplace of many new NFT projects. It is the foundation upon which a new era of NFTs will be built upon.


Things are continually moving forward across numerous partnership discussions! During last Friday’s AMA, Andras discussed a new partnership with one of the biggest blockchain gaming platforms. Although the content of this partnership is still under wraps, I would suggest you watch the AMA to hear about how exciting it will be!


As many of you know, the first of the Sushi partnership saw 250 physical NFT cards being handed out during the Paris meetup. However, there were an additional 5 cards printed exclusively for Ether Cards holders.

During the AMA mentioned above, these 5 cards were distributed randomly to listeners through a discord giveaway. The following users won a physical Sushi card:

  1. @dingoderries
  2. @Keepcalmandwearsneakers.eth
  3. @0gz
  4. @linehacker.eth
  5. @DK99

LaMello Ball

LeMelo’s Gold Drop development has been completed, focus now turns to the front-end visuals and will be completed in the coming weeks in order for the Playground team to build out their marketing campaign.

Marketing & Brand Partnerships

The project is going to be focusing heavily on marketing and brand awareness strategies over the next 6 months or so. Included in this will be a very serious discussion regarding the potential rebranding of the Ether Cards project. The name Ether Cards is potentially limiting in relation to the perception given. Ether Cards can be utilized on any chain and is so much more than just a card collection. Although we currently do not have a specific direction yet, we will be having this conversation with multiple agencies. We will be partnering with top marketing, brand, and growth agencies. Our confidence in these partnerships is partly given to the experience they have helping some of the top companies like Netflix, Twitter, Twitch, Macdonalds, Barclays, Apple, and more!

Although there isn’t much that can be shared at the moment in relation to other partnerships, there are almost a dozen ongoing discussions currently underway. I mentioned earlier this week on discord that the business team is in talks with organizations from at least 5 different sports, multiple musicians, and many other industries.


This week, as I turn the corner and enter the Ether Cards community, a mysterious tune draws my attention to the 0xfiles workshop. Walking inside I see many community members hard at work. Over to the right, I see Hammerman and Ogz working at the blog bench, while Dazza9 is delving into the research pits. Bacha is yelling on the phone in a mysterious language, he looks excited.

But quietly sitting at the back behind a large desk with a hat covering his face and smoke swirling around him in a mesmerizing flow, Thundersonic’s presence can be felt by all.

Behind him, we can see shadows working furiously behind the frosted glass window. I can just make out John, MoonFarm, DrEthereum, and Yolok stoking the fire to keep the workshop alive. And these are only the ones I can make ou, there are many others I am yet to meet.

This well-oiled machine is an example of the strength the Ether Cards community holds. And this is only one of the many places that make up this community. An organic, sustainable, and quickly growing city.

NFT Drops

Dirty Robot’s Seasons NFT drop has almost been finalized and work will be starting to build out the website and smart contracts shortly. Dirty Robot has also been working with the team to enhance the website’s design visually and to say it looks fire is an understatement.


Will Andras’ hair appear hot pink during the next AMA? This, and other pressing questions are burning in the back of our dev’s minds as they continue to work around the clock building out the many Ether Cards features on the roadmap.


Speaking of Roadmaps, for the sake of efficiency, a basic version will be added to the website in the coming days, potentially as early as this Friday. Not only will it list the items one can look forward to from the many Ether Cards developers, but it will also feature, upcoming NFT drops, updates, events, and other exciting elements. Looking at this roadmap, one can also see the past progress made by the team this year.

Although this will be primarily text-based initially, the design and visual integration for this onto the Ether Cards website is well underway and will be added in the coming weeks.

News Page

In addition to the roadmap, we will also be adding a section on the website which will showcase Ether Cards News. There isn’t too much to say except that it will help bring all the information into one place.

Card Upgrade

There have been some questions regarding the timing of release for specific features among the wider Ether Cards community. One such feature is the ability for cardholders to activate their Alpha and OG Card Upgrade Traits. This is an absolute priority for the team and is expected release of this feature is only days away.

However, it is important to put this feature in perspective. In order for users to successfully activate this Trait, it clearly will need to be on the blockchain, and will require the Forge upgrade to have been completed. Both of these features have seen weeks of work from multiple developers already and are nearing completion.

Self-Service Client Platform

Work continues on this platform and is progressing smoothly. Upon release this will allow users to complete the entire minting and collection creation process without the need to rely on the Ether Cards team. Not only will this reduce the load on our team, but it will also streamline the process for many smaller clients.

As I walk out of the 0xfiles workshop, I look across the street. For a second I think my eyes are playing tricks on me... for a fleeting second, I saw a figure moving quickly into a dark building. This figure has a very familiar shape… well, not that familiar actually, but it was what was on the figure’s cape that caught my eye - D.A.V.E.

Could it be? Could this building be what I’ve been looking for? Let me finish this update and investigate further.


For legal purposes, we have to include this disclaimer. This of course doesn’t mean that we won’t do our absolute best to make every feature possible, but since this is new technology and new legal territory, we need to make sure that the terms and conditions are in order.‌‌

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