Weekly Update: Aug 10

This week was an exciting week! Lots of direction from the team and interactivity with the incredible Ether Cards community!

Weekly Update: Aug 10

Let’s get straight into the update as there are some very cool things to mention.


Did you know: Ether Cards has had to hire extra project managers and client executives in order to manage all the inbound requests from clients and partners! And yes, Ether Cards has not done any outreach for new projects, every single drop has been from others approaching us and wanting to work with us.

Dirty Robot

Has anyone heard of Dirty Robot? You know, the guy who is an awesome artist with an exceptional art style? The guy with 166,000 Instagram followers and 30,000 Twitter followers. Well, that guy is partnering up with Ether Cards, not only to develop his Seasons NFT series but also to create the entire Ether Cards avatar collection. That’s right, in the coming weeks we’ll soon be sharing some examples of how the Ether Cards Avatars will look, and the best part is that every single Ether Card will get one.

After they are released, each avatar will have the opportunity to evolve into rarer variations based on the card’s stats and actions. A living avatar.


We are about to assign a new project manager to take up the Sushi project. The physical cards were just a small teaser. This is going to be one of our most exciting projects and will actively work into the Sushi ecosystem. We’ve talked about this in the past, so I won’t go into too much more detail. But this is definitely a partnership to watch closely!


We are starting to spread the word about Ether Cards. You will start to see more podcasts, interviews, live streams, and articles coming out about the project in the coming weeks.

We have also put out a job listing for a social media marketer to help improve our online social media presence. We hope soon to have a kick-ass marketer join our team! Anyone who is interested should apply at ‘careers@ether.cards’.


Last Friday the Ether Cards Roadmap V1.0 was revealed. It lists the items and milestones completed to date, and all those in the pipeline for completion over the next 6 months and beyond.

In order to get the roadmap out to the community as soon as possible, the first version was released as a google doc. However, work is currently underway to integrate this roadmap visually onto the Ether Cards website. It will not only be visible there but also regularly updated so as to be a current snapshot of the project’s progress.

Council of Traits

Let me continue where I left off. After seeing a shadowy figure wearing a robe with D.A.V.E on it, I was about to enter the building he went into. However, before I opened the door, I noticed an announcement was about to occur in the arena to my left. This building isn’t going anywhere I told myself, so I walked over to see what this latest announcement would be. Pushing through the crowd of Ether Cards Community, I looked up to a stage with the lights twitching on and off. Emerging from the smoke stood 9 robed figures. This is it…!

This is the actual inauguration of the Council of Traits! The first 9 members are to be revealed! Looking over to the right end of the stage, Andras stood, with a passion in his eyes and electricity in the air around him.

It was surreal, almost as if the names that were being revealed to all of us were the ones we had secretly wished for.

1) Savethedanimals
2) John
3) maxchristopher
4) Empath Acrobat
5) linehacker.eth
6) kbetz
7) mrbrownwhale
8) schoad
9) Ogz

These are going to be our voice, they will shape the powerful Traits with their own enthusiasm. Then suddenly, a thought occurred to me… Imagine if there will be a Trait called “Finding Dave”? That would be handy...


I regret to inform the community that Andras’ hair was not pink. But in his own words, “there is always next time!” The reason why his hair is the normal colour, well there are many reasons for that. But the reason why his hair is NOT pink is because the Traits have been delivered onto the blockchain. This was the first and most important step in getting these Traits activated.


As previously mentioned, the roadmap was delivered to the community last week. However, work is continuing on the graphic and dynamic aspects of this. This allows it to be featured visually on the Ether Cards website and remain dynamic in as much that it can be easily and efficiently updated over time.

Card Upgrade

Now that Traits are chain, the card upgrade Trait can be activated. There was a minor update to the contract that is currently being worked on, but we feel this will receive the approval of the wider community. This update has now allowed the action to occur in a single transaction instead of two, essentially cutting the cost of activating this Trait for the user in half.


The Forge actions and animations are being tested to ensure the smooth functionality of it on both desktop and mobile devices. This is nearing the final stages and will be launched shortly.

Dirty Robot

The website for the Dirty Robot drop has already started with the rough design all but completed. It is expected that the website will be revealed at a similar time to the beginning of our marketing push to promote the drop.

Battle Royale

The first official mini tournament has started! Round 1 was successfully completed, with Round 2 expected to occur as we speak. Although it is currently being conducted with no front-end (participants require basic coding skills), it is an excellent method to iron out any bugs, and further balance the game.

With the thought of a new Trait named “Finding Dave” floating in my head like a tantalizing candy just out of reach, I head back to the building I last saw a figure wearing a D.A.V.E robe enter. But upon arrival, things look different… It’s now… a… construction site? Looking at the board I see “NEWS TAB COMING SOON”. Ok, that is weird.

Looking inside I see… *gasp* another wizard...


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