Weekly Update: Aug 18

The much anticipated DirtyRobot drop was announced earlier this week, with more announcements to come and a thrilling AMA livestream with Enjin to wrap this week up nicely.

Weekly Update: Aug 18

There has been lots of excitement in the Ether Cards community this week  - with the blog update being sandwiched by good news. There is so much amazing news that it would be wrong to not get right down to business.


Behind the scenes, all of the previously highlighted partnerships continue to progress and expand at a rapid pace. You will hear the most recent and up-to-date information as soon as it becomes available for distribution. Generally, that will be during the next AMA on Friday with a few exciting discussions occurring on the exclusive Cardholders Discord channel from time to time.


Multiple members across the Ether Cards team are hard at work preparing for the upcoming DirtyRobot Art Drop. The community has already provided very positive feedback towards the captivating DirtyRobot drop website.

We are also thrilled to provide some really exciting benefits to Ether Cards holders for this drop. Simply holding a card will provide you with early access to the drop of up to 12 hours (depending on the card type). But that isn’t all! You can also receive up to a 10% discount on any blind bag you purchase. These discounts will apply to every purchase, without limit, until sold out.

In addition to all this, Cards with either the Phoenix Trait or Art Drop Trait will get a chance to receive one of a few hundred DirtyRobot NFTs, dropped randomly across them. Note that the Phoenix Trait is not yet assigned to cards, but we will use card IDs to track this feat. Any card with a Golden Goose Trait will be guaranteed to receive one NFT too.

Please give DirtyRobot some love and share the links everywhere!

The Big Announcement

During Andras’ AMA last week, he mentioned that the next big announcement will be hitting very soon. I can’t say that it will be a home run or a grand slam. It will probably be more like a knockout. I’m not talking about a TKO either. Naturally, I cannot reveal the details prior to the official announcements, but this week’s AMA is promising to be a very exciting one!

In the previous Weekly Blog post, the building I was about to enter had transformed into a construction space. With a heavy sigh I move on, past the arena where the Traits Council was inaugurated, and head into the Wizard’s Tongue for a drink. Sitting at the bar, I order a Dirty Ruby drink, surrounded by wizards of all shapes and sizes. Although I’ve been here before, I’ve never seen it so busy. So many wizards. I eventually zone out watching reruns of “The Baddest Man on the Planet” on the TV above the bar.


You’ve asked for more marketing updates and insights. We want to deliver! There are numerous projects in the works and a dozen people working behind the scenes on all the upcoming promotions. You are all our greatest assets and we are counting on your support to help fly this rocket to Pluto.

Inspired by the Sushi Trident three-pronged attack, we are employing a community engagement strategy that incorporates internal community incentives, outside promotions (in other communities), and all-encompassing rewards that will apply to everyone that participates. We have an aggressive goal to grow our Twitter followers and increase overall social media engagement. I look forward to discussing this in greater detail and incorporating community feedback as the plan moves forward.

The team has and continues to engage some of the industry's top influencers.  You will see more appearances like this one on NFT News Today!


As always, thank you to everyone in the community for making our world a better place!  @Thundersonic for 0xfiles.com and his army of bloggers. @Dazza9 for your nonstop tweets and #AMA recaps. @Pagzo, @john, @Hammerman (and everyone else) - for welcoming newbies in our discord. @JohnnyBullNFT for your YouTube live broadcasts and now featured EC Twitter giveaway. Welcome to all the new EC holders – we are all so happy you found us!  Please share your stories with us, too.

Trait Council

The Council has quickly developed into a full-blown sounding board with thoughtful consideration and solid consensus-based solutions. The members have been engaged in lively conversations since initially taking the stage. With everyone now on board, we should begin digging into trait details this week. There are wisps of information floating around everywhere!


Our developers are on top of everything.  Here are the recent notes from Dave’s basement:

  • Card upgrades are looking incredible and should be coming online very soon.
  • The Ether Cards website mobile update with news and roadmap is also almost to go live.
  • Forge progress is continuing to move along with stunning visual updates and animations.
  • As mentioned, the DirtyRobot marketing campaign and announcement page is live. Next Tuesday, the website is scheduled for its next update in which users will see the types of blind bags and what is in each one - prices, availability, specific benefits for each card, and more. We will be releasing a “How To” page which explains how the drop and Forge will work, and a “Bonuses” page where you can see all the Traits, bonuses, and prizes you could win.
  • BR test tournament is still ongoing – There were more casualties on Friday and Sunday… On Wednesday the upper bracket battles, while on Thursday the lower bracket battles! There will be about a one-week break before finals. During this period the GUI is receiving constant attention – visuals contract testing is currently in progress.
  • Self-service platform front-end contracts are ready for testing.
  • Enjin…get your motor running!

Our expert developers continue to work nonstop to deliver top-quality products. How do they do it? Using my wizardly senses, I hear the following inspirational words spoken halfway around the world echoing through the developer workshops:

“Nothing is impossible. Everything can be done!”

Thank you Ether Cards development team. Please keep up the good work!

As I dream away in the Wizard’s Tongue a thought occurs to me, this metaverse is magically building itself.  The other wizards I see… is it possible? Are these mysterious robed figures… the first… of many more… to materialize from my thoughts?


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