Weekly Update: Aug 24

Wow, what an amazing week already! From DirtyRobot to Mike Tyson and Ethereans - the hits just keep coming!

Weekly Update: Aug 24

It’s been another great week for Ether Cards and the community! Innovation is moving forward at nearly the speed of light. The pipeline continues to grow with more potential clients and partners lining up for the Ether Cards technology. There are advancements to report in all areas as well as an exciting new partnership!


The main focus is currently on the DirtyRobot Art Drop - with the upcoming drop only one week away!  Remember, this is only just the beginning of a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship. There are so many exciting details that can only be revealed at the appropriate time.


The team is busy updating and improving the DirtyRobot drop website. With no further ado, the drop details include:

4000 NFTs spread across the 2 phases of each 4 images per season. Thus each of the 8 variations will only have a maximum of 500 NFTs. There will also be the potential to combine the NFTs to create 500 Time-Evolving NFTs per image. Do note that forging will destroy the NFTs used. There will also only be 128 Summer Final NFTs available. Of these NFTs, 127 can be obtained via the Space Forge and the first edition is to be auctioned halfway through the sale.

Collectors can purchase DirtyRobot NFTs via blind bags, with each bag containing 1-5 NFTs according to the following breakdown: Silver Bags - 1 NFTs, Gold bags - 3 NFTs, Platinum bags - 5 NFTs. There will be no limit to the number of bags an individual may purchase, and bags may contain multiples of the same image.

ALL NFTs will be locked until the sale is complete.

After the sale, users will be able to trade NFTs to try and collect each of the 2 phases for each image. If both Day and Night phases are obtained, they can be merged in the Time Forge to create 1 time-evolving version of the image.

Users will then be able to collect one of each of the 4 time-evolving images. If all 4 time-evolving images are obtained, they can be merged in Space Forge to create 1 time-evolving Summer Final version of the combined images.

Time-Evolving NFTs will also have the possibility of receiving a bonus Summer Charm NFT.

Holding an Ether Card will provide you with early access to the drop and discounts of up to 10% based on your card type:

  • OGs receive 12 hours early access and a 10% discount
  • Alphas receive 6 hours early access with a 5% discount
  • Founders receive 1-hour early access with a 2.5% discount.

These discounts will apply to every purchase without limit, until sold out.

In addition to all this, 150 DR NFTs will be dropped for free to Ether Cards holders via the Ether Cards Drop room with Phoenix and Art Drop Traits providing an extra chance Any card with a Golden Goose Trait will be guaranteed to receive one NFT blind bag too.

Mike Tyson

What a bombshell announcement on Friday!  Although specifics could not be announced in advance, there is no doubt everyone has taken notice now.  With a final auction sale price of 84.7425 ETH - this is definitely one for the record books!

The Mike Tyson NFT Collection is a limited-edition series of NFTs that celebrates the iconic life and legacy of the Baddest Man on the Planet. Each NFT is a unique collaboration between Tyson and emerging artist Cory Van Lew. With Tyson providing creative oversight and mentorship in the artistic process, the graphics used in the NFT Collection are Cory Van Lew’s reimagination and interpretation of the all-time greatest Mike Tyson moments.

The Mike Tyson NFT Collection (available on the OpenSea NFT marketplace includes:

  • The Ultimate Mike Tyson 1-of-1 NFT (1-of-1) FINAL AUCTION PRICE 84.7425 ETH (over $280,000!)
  • The Lifetime Collection (A limited set of 10 original 1-of-1 NFTs)
  • The Knockout Series (A limited set of 5 original NFTs - only 50 editions each) -
  • The Baddest Man on the Planet (A single collector's edition NFT with 250 editions)

Additionally, drop room details for the lucky 25 Ether Card holders will be announced soon!

LaMelo Ball

The LaMelo Ball Drop Room is open!  If you own a LaMelo Ball NFT, you can enter now for a chance to win a Gold Evolve LaMelo Ball Collectible.


Great things are also happening with the Genomes.io partnership.  Investors raised 100 ETH to cancel the initial phase one token sale on Sushi (MISO).  Phase 2 is scheduled for the end of September.  The second phase will be the only other place to acquire $GENE tokens before launch.  Plans are also in the works for rewarding Ether Cards holders in various unique ways.  Please join the discussion and contribute thoughts on tokens, governance, and NFTs.  Congratulations to the (75 fair launch) $GNOMEs who took advantage of the preseed via Genomes Discord!


And now for the latest, greatest partnership to land in the Ether Cards ecosystem - Ethereans!

The Ethereans is a fantastic universe built by 2 creative brothers, The Chaos Duo.

The 2 brothers are focused on creating experiences, narratives, characters, high-end graphics, and cool animations. The project's main goal is to create a big bang brand that produces series, short films, merch, toys, video games for the metaverse and traditional platforms beginning with PC, and then consoles, mobile devices, etc. which generates utility for all the supporters (token holders).

If all goes as planned, the Ethereans will be released in the first week of September. The first 1000 people in the Ethereans discord and 1000 people from the Ether Cards community will have access to a pre-sale a few days before our public sale with a max of two Ethereans per wallet with a limit of 4,000 Ethereans  to deploy.

Additionally, early adopters (limited to the first 1000 people who join their discord) and Ether Cards holders are also eligible for a 10% discount the day of the pre-sale!


There is increased engagement across social media platforms thanks to a combined effort from the marketing team, rapidly expanding partnerships and support from our amazing community!

The team recently updated and streamlined the discord layout with more intuitive information and links. Thank you everyone for the valuable insight and suggestions to improve the overall user experience! There is also a new giveaway channel to keep track of all the promotions.

As business development continues to speed ahead - more material will become available for sharing. Like a fractionalized Cryptopunk - sharing everything with our excellent community members is a top priority!

The reported VISA Cryptopunk purchase is certainly exciting news for everyone in the NFT space. Please continue to promote the 30 #cryptopunks and 30 #meebits on Twitter as much as possible!

In the previous Weekly Blog post, I visited the Wizard’s Tongue for a refreshing Dirty Ruby drink. While watching more reruns of “The Baddest Man on the Planet” on the TV, I considered if I could really go toe to toe with Mike Tyson. Maybe in another 20 years - when time is on my side?

With a belly full of Dirty Ruby I go back outside to the Construction site. I can see the roadmap for when development will be finished. But I can’t wait that long! Passing the sleeping guard, I let myself into the elevator and dropped down below the surface. What can be revealed in the depths of this labyrinth?


This week has seen a nice uptick in traffic on discord.  There are wonderful new people flowing into the chat every day from many other NFT communities.  Please continue to welcome everyone and show the best of what this community has to offer.

Trait Council

We are streamlining formats and aligning content for all the members to gather time for input.  As soon as more information is available, we will keep you updated.


Due to the demands of the DirtyRobot drop, the news here today is short and sweet.

Last week, the news page and the roadmap were added to the website!

Work continues on mobile optimization. Once that is done - final testing and deployment will follow.

The development team is working nonstop on DirtyRobot drop to have everything ready to go live on August 31!

Andras will have more development updates in the AMA on Friday. We look forward to seeing you there!


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