Weekly Update: Dec 14

Gandy is making a list, he’s checking it twice, he’s going to find out who’s naughty or nice...Oh, Gandy Claus is coming...to town!

Weekly Update: Dec 14

With Christmas right around the corner, the gifts just keep stacking up under the tree. Although the next phase of the Christmas giveaway is shrouded in mystery, rest assured there will be plenty of presents to go around!

The first phase of the Community Christmas Celebration giveaway has entered the history books with 144 winners across 12 days! Phase two now begins with another 96 physical cards up for grabs over the next 8 days.

Congratulations to everyone who has already won and those who will win before the holidays are done! For more information about the giveaways, please join the Ether Cards Discord!

In a surprise twist to the usual routine, Mariana hosted the Weekly AMA with 0gz and special guests: Justin & Deezy from the Pluto Alliance. The team discussed the beginnings of the Pluto Alliance, evolving lore, differences between V1 and V2 NFTs, rarities, traits, games, metaverse, and their many partnerships. This episode is a must-see for anyone interested in learning the actual height of BitBoy Crypto!


Although there are many more projects in the works, the partnership updates include the latest news from Pluto Alliance, Genomes, and CryptoMonster Labs!

Pluto Alliance

The Pluto Alliance V2 NFT sale concluded with a fantastic finish! In a move hailed by their community, Deezy and Justin announced that they will drop a V2 NFT to all of the V1 Pluto Alliance holders as of the snapshot last Saturday.

Additional alpha was also dropped in the Twitter space on Tuesday. There may be plans beyond what is listed on the roadmap. Follow Pluto Alliance on Twitter and Discord for the latest updates.

CryptoMonster Lab

The mad scientist from CryptoMonster Lab is incorporating Ether Cards Forge technology and DUST into his science experiments! Performing experiments in the lab may result in amazing new creatures, features, and DUST utility tokens! DUST is an ERC-20 token from Ether Cards.

The genesis series from CryptoMonster Lab is limited to only 100 Warriors. Membership has its perks and one of those perks will be four free (plus gas) to mint CryptoMonsters per Warrior when the collection launches. More perks will be announced soon, so mint one now before they're gone!

Artist and Founder - Santiago Uceda will be featured on Twitter spaces and the CryptoNovo livestream with the team this week to discuss CryptoMonster’s new features. Check out all the latest updates on Discord and please follow along on Twitter.


The team joined Genomes DAO Town Hall on Thursday to discuss the upcoming NFT project and Ether Cards technology. Other topics discussed included: various levels of involvement, organizational design, working groups, snapshot, Coordinape, community calls, and the DAO in-take form.

For anyone interested in helping with the Genomes DAO - see the Talent Repository Form. Please follow Genomes Twitter and join their Discord for more information. Also, remember that all Ether Cards will receive GENE tokens in January!


The marketing team is working around the clock to push the holiday promotions to the limit. In addition to the current promotions across Brave Browser and other media outlets, plans are in the works for a full-on blitz ahead of the self-service launch next year!

Last Wednesday, Ether Cards joined the BitBoy Crypto/Pluto Alliance team and Jon Beinart from Toddlerpillars for an amazing and informative space. There were nearly 400 people in attendance.

Following the AMA on Friday, the team participated in another space with Pluto Alliance and the Cyber Hornet Club. During the space, Justin announced that Pluto Alliance holders that burned a V1 NFT to mint a V2 NFT would be airdropped a replacement V2!

This week, the team will be joining CryptoNovo, Santiago Uceda, CryptoMonster Lab and Steve Ryan for more live streams and Twitter spaces.

Please remember to subscribe to the official Ether Cards email list located at the bottom of this page for the latest updates and marketing information!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and there is still no sign of Gandalf - The Dust Wizard. Oddly, his Gandy candies are everywhere. The Carnival is overflowing with people and prizes are flying out the door. Even community members that have moved to other towns are returning to enjoy the fun!

Suddenly, a thought occurs to me. What if that big explosion was the result of a teleportation spell? Accidents happen all the time with wizards and mad scientists. Perhaps Gandy is both a wizard and a mad scientist? Unexpected outcomes are the norm with CryptoMonsters. I will definitely ask Santiago if he was hanging around his laboratory. Bingo! Santiago is also using DUST now in the lab, so there is a direct connection.

Clearly, thanks to Melbo’s magic - I have become both smarter and better looking in public. I’m sure I can figure this out - or at least garner enough support to help solve this mystery. It had to be some type of magical spell gone awry. He must have been in a hurry. Christmas is nearly here. Gandy loves giving gifts. Why would he leave before the presents are opened?

The Oracle will know the answer. Mariana knows all the answers. She knows all the various holiday customs around the world - even the really strange ones that nobody has ever heard of before. I will ask her. Where would a really powerful wizard go right before Christmas?


The Community Christmas Celebration continues with eight more days of winners based on authenticated mystery traits! Congratulations to all the winners thus far:

Day 1 - @Aakash, @discordflow, @<Lvl. 4 Poop Wizard>, @Listener, @kentkkli, @pragmareum.eth, @McLovin, @Melbo.eth, @Cyfera | BitNordic.com, @Matt808, @krwin, @serbriyan

Day 2 - @CryptoFirefly, @KyBuckeye03, @Mun1a, @BlackMagick, @Chikote54, @Mazzone11, @Beren, @HH, @JL, @wisdomlu.eth, @hydroconomist, @enrey

Day 3 - @rendal, @Bachan, @Edvin, @Martin, @Pipannna, @chasemurder.eth⟠, @Your Daddy, @PreSucrose, @wolfdizzle, @CryptoB, @Caveman_Bill, @Hammerman

Day 4 - @Simple Ape, @Turcsantamas, @Nico2, @wukki, @Raydog, @Viced, @NFTFun, @YH86, @jannerfish, @Arno, @bugmeat, @klink

Day 5 - @Radio, @CryptoCikica, @Maxorgel, @thundersonic, @miss_poks, @CryptoRoger, @sandeepstar, @mcpisik, @azng, @burninator, @booyah2, @savethedanimals

Day 6 - @decafe2006, @MountainOrion, @dan999, @Toey, @warm and pizza, @Supreet, @Cezza, @Z⭕G963, @John | Arilithill, @Riho J, @GeromeR77, @Rav N-h-M

Day 7 - @ele, @telasius, @Paradox, @halfd0rk, @mochi, @wipada_nicky, @ph24, @rjmannion, @Imetomi, @kk79, @ShatnoRD, @geffenz

Day 8 - @AlfAlpha, @surferkook, @Spooked lee, @MaxEther.eth, @bitsikka, @szilagyi84, @CryptoGladiator, @Captain Toast, @0xskater, @Cantillon, @wangnation, @littleNFooT

Day 9 - @nuske, @Manwen717, @AXXA, @Drop, @PipsquEECS, @AB, @prabhu, @norabbits, @ReallyOldBrownDogAle, @arathus98, @MP011, @winston wu

Day 10 - @Eyetat, @Dogtown, @Murphy, @fitterlife, @dazza9, @y., @cuong, @y3v63n, @woodneto, @BigWiggly, @Ryu | Waxel.net | P2E NFT Game, @Apreeday

Day 11 - @mZeroNine, @philmack, @Chupe REEEbased (🐻,🍯), @technoHippie, @!🍋 lemonp | FOMO DOG 134, @Kendtran, @maksim-tolo, @honeybadger, @DigitalGermination, @sodiumstar (🌳, 🌳), @Junsei, @Torsion333

Day 12 - @NFT2Mars, @Moonfarm, @fan4ever, @hokanu, @Derelict, @PrinceJeffy, @Morrigan, @M1tz, @Jeff Mah Name, @Romil84, @daveronin.ΞTH, @deg_dolo_

Also, congratulations to @Double D | Superlative Apes for winning the Pluto Alliance/Ether Card giveaway!

Thank you @woodneto for composing the latest Artist Profile: ORDO and the fantasy football weekly recap.

A big thanks to @savethedanimals for organising the fantasy football league competition!

As always, thank you @dazza9 for the AMA recaps and @thundersonic for creating and maintaining the 0xfiles.com!

Most of all, thanks @Melbo for making fun of 0gz with the humorous AMA/profile picture mashup!

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