Weekly Update: Dec 21

DUST Pools, more Christmas Giveaways and a Special Holiday AMA for the Ether Cards community!

Weekly Update: Dec 21

Two more DUST Pools - for the Toddlerpillars and MetaZoo Games were released this week! Exchange 130 DUST utility tokens for a Toddlerpillar or 1,000 DUST for a MetaZoo NFT. Please note that the MetaZoo tokens sold out quickly after release. The remaining Toddlerpillars, CryptoPunks, Alphas, and Mike Tyson NFTs may be found here.

The second phase of the Community Christmas Celebration giveaway has ended with more winners! Following the mystery trait giveaway, five Founder cards will be given away with extra DUST. Please join the Ether Cards Discord for more information!

Team members participated in a special Holiday Weekly AMA with thoughtful questions from the community. Andras, Mariana, Micky, Vlad, Gandalf, Levente, Mike and Dave joined 0gz for a wide ranging and entertaining conversation. Watch to learn more about the upcoming company armwrestling tournament (TBA) and the great durian challenge!


Following the release of the last few partner projects of the year, remember that the Toddlerpillars, Pluto Alliance, Genomes, EtherHeads, CryptoMonster Labs, Betwixt, The Hedgie Fund and others are just getting started!

Please join in the excitement and communities as success grows across the entire Ether Cards ecosystem. With the new year comes even more exciting partnerships and opportunities!


The Toddlerpillars continue building behind the scenes with plans underway to further utilise Ether Cards technology. Join the amazingly active Toddlerpillars discord and Twitter spaces for live updates and incredible fun!

Pluto Alliance

The Pluto Alliance has an amazing roadmap, value proposition, and plans for further utilising Ether Cards Traits and Forge technology. Enjoy this opportunity to see how our partners showcase our talents. Please follow Pluto Alliance on Twitter and Discord for the latest updates.

CryptoMonster Lab

The CryptoMonster Lab is incorporating Ether Cards Forge technology and DUST into science experiments! Remember that there are a few remaining CryptoMonster Lab Warriors - the genesis tier of the project still available to mint.

Artist and Founder - Santiago Uceda will be featured on more Twitter spaces with the team during the holidays to discuss the CryptoMonster’s new features. Check out all the latest updates on the Discord and please follow along on Twitter.


The team joined Genomes DAO Town Hall again on Thursday to discuss the upcoming NFT project and Ether Cards technology. For more information, please review the most recent presentation.

Anyone interested in helping with the Genomes DAO is encouraged to follow Genomes Twitter and join the Discord for more information. All Ether Cards will receive GENE tokens in January!


In addition to the regular advertisements and behind the scenes promotions, the Ether Cards team is appearing on Twitch, YouTube and Twitter. Please follow the official Ether Cards accounts for the most recent broadcasts.

CryptoNovo invited Gandalf, 0gz, Tony Herrera and Santiago Uceda to discuss the CryptoMonster Lab and DUST utility token integration on his live broadcast this week. Watch the recording here to learn more about what’s cooking in the lab!

Gandalf, Mike, 0gz, Tony Herrera also joined Santiago Uceda from the CryptoMonster Lab and Steve Ryan for more Twitter spaces this week. Stay tuned for more spaces during the holidays!

This week, the team will be joining Jon Beinart, Toddlerpillars, Commander Crypto, Santiago Uceda, CryptoMonster Lab and Steve Ryan for more livestreams and Twitter spaces.

Please remember to subscribe to the official Ether Cards email list located at the bottom of this page for the latest updates and marketing information!

Initially, I thought Gandalf may have been intimidated by Mariana’s holiday traditions and skipped town. Children beating a Santa log with sticks until he drops presents? Piñata, candy, Gandy candy - maybe the connections were too close for comfort?

After consulting with Mariana, the facts are starting to fall in place like snowflakes. She confirmed that Gandalf was hanging around with the mad scientist, Santiago, in the CryptoMonster Lab. Evidently, Santiago asked him about DUST and Gandalf just couldn’t help himself. There is really no way of knowing what kind of crazy experiments he conducted in the lab. He was so excited to talk about DUST that he even followed Santiago to all of his speaking engagements to discuss its magical properties!

Looking back now, I remember that Gandalf’s voice would boom much louder than everyone else during the Twitter spaces. Did the DUST experimentation strengthen his vocal chords, too? Although he preferred to hide from the cameras, he really was a ham on YouTube, too. I’d just imagine him lounging around in a pile of magic DUST - with not a care in the world other than his excitement for this amazing utility token!

Now everything is making sense to me. Gandy loves candy, DUST and giving gifts. He has spent all year going out of his way to build a wonderful community for our enjoyment. To show his appreciation for our fellowship, he put in motion all kinds of fun activities and prizes. All the giveaways appear to be leading up to something big. Is it phase three of the giveaway or something beyond the holidays?


The Community Christmas Celebration continues with eight more days of winners based on authenticated mystery traits! Congratulations to all the winners thus far:

Day 13 - @...0xRabbidfly..., @Thechampkid, @Mike408, @SynthaMan, @W3nzel, @JimDaniels, @Theramoe, @NackMache, @wds321, @SantiagoUceda, @Loxlay, @davicta

Day 14 - @Ape Sage, @Keepcalmandwearsneakers.eth, @doktorkrabba, @techbytes, @dingoderries, @antonb, @SoccerGreg03, @pob, @kbetz, @at, @alanshore

Day 15 - @Pl_safc (🎩,🎩), @beler, @dotdotdot, @LocustSpider, @aeto, @DarkKnight, @El_Diablo_Lobo, @grunt, @coop2423, @Kova, @d.m◎v, @gnz0

Day 16 - @Coutience (🧬,👽,🦋)

Day 17 - @tidus.eth, @ramaraje, @I was Bullish the Whole Time, @hsingh, @CsabaMTH, @happyagain, @ulysseus, @Crusader, @nichnachnoch, @Anakin, @matetami, @odiuggavazza

Day 18 - @JamesDeveron, @RichardAlpert, @kirienzo, @Sonic, @XXXterrr, @Eternal187, @jamesdillonbond, @Markio  (🧬,🧬), @boomboom28

Day 19 -  @investblog, @Lotus, @TheCollector919, @Fryman, @MrBreakout, @SEKIROANE, @Cricho ⎜YMH, @yuh aye, @Rodney

Day 20 - @Chacal (3,3), @alexandrium, @MimiN, @MEHDIAG, @bropp, @Antonia Page, @Gieldebiel, @up1070, @Case Closed, @eta1022, @spoonz

Congratulations to all the Community Christmas Celebration giveaway winners! Please remember to check the #giveaway channel in discord for Phase 3 of the holiday giveaway!

Thank you to all of our wonderful moderators for sharing your talents and time with our community this year! We will always remember your heroic efforts in defending us from the great bot invasion of 2021.

Shoutout to: @dazza9, @Melbo, @hammerman, @JL, @HH, @SantiagoUceda, @Antonia Page, @daveronin.eth, @DeDe, @Sami, @chasemurder.eth, @duxon, @Lotus, @NFTfun, @JamesDeveron, @fan4ever, @penniless, @sb_THX1138 | ETERNITY COMPLEX, @Karine, @josecanseco, @ReallyOldBrownDogAle, @YH86, @aysan92, @mouseTrap, @coup2423, @cuong, @Dogtown, @halfd0rk, @CryptoDad420.eth, @Ordo, @BigWiggly, @krwin, @Ape Sage, @Gieldebiel, @carlos28355, and the entire community for engaging in good will, with best wishes and continued support of each other in the Ether Cards Discord.

Thank you @savethedanimals for organising the fantasy football league competition and @woodneto for the wonderfully entertaining recaps!

Finally, another round of applause for @thundersonic’s 0xfiles.com - absolutely the most supercalifragilisticexpialidocious community website ever invented!

Please follow the official Ether Cards Twitter and join Discord for more information about all the fabulous giveaways and additional holiday festivities!

We are so thankful for all of our wonderful community members. On behalf of the entire team, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


The development team has been working very hard behind the scenes to deliver the final products and contracts of the year. Significant progress continues with various aspects of the self-service platform and community integrations.

Trait Council

Remember the Trait Council will be back in January, so please speak with one of the moderators or team members if you are interested in joining the Council.


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