Weekly Update: Dec 7

‘Tis the season for holiday cheers! The Community Christmas Celebration is underway, so join our Discord to participate in the massive giveaways!

Weekly Update: Dec 7

In addition to the wonderful Christmas giveaways, this week was packed with two more live AMAs, an alpha-laden podcast, and several Twitter spaces with partners.

First, Andras hosted a live AMA with the founder of Betwixt, Hazel Gale, on November 30. Betwixt is the first play-to-thrive game in the Metaverse with evolving generative art sculpted by decisions in a choose-your-own adventure style story setting.

Hazel is a former world champion kickboxer, mental health therapist and internationally published author. During the wide-ranging interview, she talked about mental health challenges as well as the boxing fight of her life. The lively conversation bridged the gap between mental health and the metaverse using Ether Cards revolutionary technology.

The Weekly AMA with Andras was loaded with information - including updates on the MetaZoo and Pluto Alliance V2 collections. Additionally, previously unknown details of the Zoltán Boros and Gábor Szikszai duo and the art engine were revealed! Finally, Andras answered several community questions.

Finally, Andras was featured on Episode 198 of the Crypto Conversation with Andy Pickering. Check out the amazing and informative podcast about creating NFTs with superpowers.


Following the launch of Pluto Alliance V2 and MetaZoo, the pipeline is loaded with nearly twenty new projects! Some have already been announced, like Betwixt and The Hedgie Fund, but many have yet to be discovered. Tune in to the AMAs, podcasts, Discord and Twitter spaces for hints about the next to be released.

Pluto Alliance

The Pluto Alliance V2 NFT sale will be extended until December 14. Pick the perfect time with lower gas fees to mint the Pluto Alliance NFT. Follow along on Twitter and Discord for the latest updates.


The MetaZoo NFT sale successfully concluded on December 2nd and tokens are now available on OpenSea. This amazing mint flawlessly showcased the new Ether Cards Dutch Auction technology. Join the Discord and follow all the latest updates on Twitter.


Look for the release of the Betwixt NFT collection on the Ether Cards platform early next year.  Until then, please join the discussion on Discord. The Betwixt mental health and wellness app is currently available on the Apple store.

The Hedgie Fund

The Hedgie Fund is working hard to bring Sam the hedgehog to the big screen. Please take some time to check out the newest animations posted on Discord and follow along on Twitter to keep up with all the live spaces.

Genomes DAO

Genomes kicked off the first DAO meeting on Thursday, December 2nd, in their Discord Town Hall. Check this link to the slides from the live presentation and discussion. Genomes dropped 100 GNOME governance tokens as a thank you to all the initial investors that bought and held tokens from the MISO sale.

Remember to claim your GENE tokens from your Ether Card in late January. The world famous Genomes Intern is available to answer questions on Twitter and Discord.

The Toddlerpillars NFT Collection

The Toddlerpillars NFT Collection has surpassed 130 ETH in secondary sales on OpenSea and continues to grow with an active community. Check in on their Discord and Twitter spaces for live updates and contest giveaways!


There is big news brewing behind the scenes with the current marketing initiatives. In addition to the rebranding, to focus on the core elements of the platform, the team is engaged in all aspects of design, public relations and promotions. The Brave Browser advertisement campaign has already begun, so please welcome all the new members.

The Ether Cards team participated in several spaces with some big names including the Rug Radio show with Farok.ETH, Steve Aoki, MetaZoo Games, as well as CryptoMonster Lab, Santiago Uceda, Tony Herrera, and Steve Ryan.

Please join us this week for more spaces with BitBoy Crypto, Toddlerpillars, and other partners!

Please subscribe to the official Ether Cards email list located at the bottom of this page for the latest updates and marketing information!

After searching the scene of his disappearance numerous times, I’m beginning to wonder if Gandy pulled a fast one on us. He is a powerful wizard, so it would be well within his means to vanish or reappear at the drop of his hat.

What if he was bored of his fame and fortune and needed a break from the community? The late nights spent at the Carnival must have taken a toll on him. Was he down on his luck after losing some candy? No not Gandy. He’s still in the top ten richest player leaderboard.

Maybe he is planning some grand holiday event. Wait, didn’t he already plan the Community Christmas Celebration? Maybe he planned something else. Maybe this next thing is so secret that he had to leave this dimension so nobody would gather clues? What if there is actually a purpose to acquiring all these ranks and candies?


The Community Christmas Celebration is underway with the kickoff of the Twelve Days of Christmas Giveaway!

Every day, from December 1-12, twelve randomly selected community members that have authenticated their Ether Card on Discord will have the opportunity to receive a physical card.

Congratulations to all the early winners! Be sure to join the Ether Cards Discord for more information about the giveaway and additional fabulous holiday festivities!

Following the first twelve days, the Christmas Celebration continues with eight more days of giveaways!

Leading up to Christmas Day, there are even more extra special giveaways planned. What is in store? We can’t spoil all the surprises. You’ll have to be patient.

Thank you @HH and @Hammerman for your community outreach and recruitment of new members. We very much appreciate everyone welcoming our newest members, too!

Another week in the books. Thanks to @woodneto and @savethedanimals for organizing and sharing the fantasy football league competition.

As always, thank you @dazza9 for the AMA recaps and @thundersonic for creating and maintaining the 0xfiles.com!

We are so thankful for all of our wonderful community members. Please follow the official Ether Cards Twitter and join the spaces for live conversation.


Ether Cards logged another record week of development with two NFT launches at the same time. In addition to MetaZoo Games and the Pluto Alliance V2, the development team continued work on various partnerships and aspects of the self-service platform.

After months and months of around-the-clock work, our amazing developers will take a much-needed vacation for the holidays. We wish them all the best the holiday season has to offer and some good rest.

Trait Council

The Trait Council is also paused through the holiday season, so all of our members may celebrate with family and friends! If you are interested in joining the council when it reconvenes next year, please inform the Discord moderators of your intentions.


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