Weekly Update: Feb 1

Wow, an amazing live update for the community! Galaxis name reveal, DUST, self-service platform progress, and there are 37 projects in the pipeline!

Weekly Update: Feb 1

The first livestream video on Twitch last Friday was brief and packed full of information. Please take the time to watch this blockbuster! In the broadcast, Andras announced the new company name - as well as several other exciting developments. The DUST trickle starts on February 15, the self-service platform is slated for launch on March 1, and he also showed a teaser website with several of the 37 projects now in queue!

Following the stream, additional details emerged about the upcoming Singularity Event on March 1. Expected items include: the new website reveal, more exciting partnership announcements, massive marketing campaign, a party in Discord and Twitter Spaces, giveaways every hour, multiple community-wide art drops, special guests, and live performances. There will also be a very special livestream - “The Future of our Ecosystem” where the team will demonstrate developments that are even more exciting than those that have already been announced!


With nearly forty projects in the pipeline, things are really starting to heat up now. This week, the spotlight is on: AFTRMRKT, ViCA, CryptoMonster Lab, Rogue Fox Guild, Beanterra, Metajuana Farms, and EtherHeads. Ethereum Name Service (ENS) and LaMelo Ball Collectibles are also back in the news again!


The AFTRMRKT presale starts this Friday, February 4! The public sale will begin on Monday, February 7. Keep up to date with the latest AFTRMRKT announcements in Discord and Twitter news here. Tuesday, at 5:30 PM EST, Brian Sum, Artist and Founder of AFTRMRKT will join the team for an AMA in the Ether Cards Discord general chat. On Friday, at 10:00 AM EST, Brian will also join the team for a livestream AMA. Also, please be on the lookout for another fabulous AFTRMRKT giveaway!


ViCA founder, Juri Koll, is participating in and hosting weekly Twitter spaces with the Ether Cards team. Tuesday at 7:00 PM EST, Juri welcomes NFT collector Tony Herrera and artist MB Boissonnault to his space. Please join the ViCA Discord for amazing inside information on upcoming artists and events!

CryptoMonster Lab

CryptoMonster Lab and Artist/Founder Santiago Uceda opened premint whitelisting for early lab members. Please register your role on Discord before connecting to the website. Santiago also participates in weekly ecosystem Twitter spaces with the team.

Genomes DAO

The Genomes DAO team hosts weekly community meetings every Thursday at 12:30 PM EST in their Discord. Following the Ether Cards token drop last week, the DAO is currently finalizing a name for the NFT project and will have more news to follow soon. Please follow Genomes Twitter for the latest updates and additional live spaces.

Rogue Fox Guild

Following a successful whitelist presale, the Rogue Fox Guild is quickly approaching the main sale on February 8. There are more amazing incentives listed - almost daily, so please join their Discord and view the major announcements channel. Also, follow along on Twitter for more sale updates.


Following the Beanterra genesis sale, the ETH minted Beanels are now revealed on OpenSea! Please check out the latest news in Discord and follow on Twitter.

Ethereum Name Service

The ENS DAO equinox collection reveals a window into the mythology of the Fey, a world where names grant power. The collection will be minted in monthly installments over the next year, and raffled off to people who participate in the ENS DAO governance process. A monthly raffle will be used to give away the 144 monthly NFTs to ENS users. Please join the community and follow along on Twitter for more information.

LaMelo Ball Collectibles

Hot on the heels of a great rookie season, LaMelo Ball Collectibles is in the process of integrating new features, traits, raffles, forge, and drops. Additional infrastructure is under development for the new class of LaMelo NFTs - including the LaMelo Rebound NFT! LaMelo Ball Collectibles are currently available on OpenSea. Please check out the latest news in Discord and follow on Twitter.


Following the big announcements and rapid partnership escalations, the marketing team is shifting into overdrive! In addition to the regular promotions, more special events and activities are in the works. Look for more excitement leading up to the Singularity on March 1st!

Please follow the official Ether Cards accounts for the most recent broadcasts on Twitch, YouTube and Twitter. Please remember to subscribe to the official Ether Cards email list located at the bottom of this page for the latest updates and marketing information!

Gandalf was in London at Westminster Abbey after all. His elaborate plan to deputize the scientists and thwart D.A.V.E. worked - thanks to the help of the community! Who would have thought that the evil AI supervillain was hiding in Margaret Thatcher’s basement? How did Stephen Hawking figure out to track D.A.V.E. to the year 1985?

Perhaps we will never know all the answers to this great mystery? However, one thing is certain: thanks to Gandalf, the scientists and community - we can utilize the magical powers of DUST to save the metaverse.

This wonderful event calls for a momentous celebration! A singularity of epic proportions and a party unlike any other. What will this be? Let us wait and see. Meanwhile, please sit back and enjoy the ride!


Thank you everyone that participated in Space Trivia with the scientists on Friday night. Congratulations to HH and nft_thor - for splitting the title and taking home the grand prize of 500 DUST each!

Congratulations again to Melbo.eth for winning the Genomes DAO NFT naming competition with the submission of Geneticats! 2022 is certainly turning out to be a great year for our highest ranking community member.

Thank you @thundersonic for the skillful and timely updates on 0xfiles.com!

Please follow the official Ether Cards Twitter and join Discord for more information about all the fabulous giveaways and additional holiday festivities!


Development continues at a feverish pace, with more partnership integrations, functions, utilities added daily. Although the Self-Service Platform remains the primary focus, custom development includes advancements with partner projects and throughout multiple areas of the company. We look forward to communicating all progress at the earliest opportunity!


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