Weekly Update Feb 15

You’ve asked and we’ve listened! DUST claiming is moving to MATIC and will now start on Feb 22. Heads up - 3,500 new LaMelo Ball Collectibles and 10,000 Genomes Geneticats NFTs launching soon!

Weekly Update Feb 15

In an overabundance of caution, the DUST trickling feature is pushed back to Feb 22. This will provide the team more time for testing the MATIC/Polygon integration. Fear not, the trickling start will be retroactive to Feb 1, which means cards will accumulate starting at that date. In preparation for the launch, secure MATIC in your wallet on the Polygon chain in order to claim DUST.

Excitement grows as the Galaxis Singularity on March 1 draws near. Get ready for more product reveals, more contests, giveaways, new partnerships and very special surprise guests! Please join the Galaxis Discord and follow along on Twitter for the most up-to-date information.

CryptoMonster Lab and Artist/Founder Santiago Uceda joined the Galaxis team on Friday for an update on his project and partnership. Please check out the livestream YouTube video here. There are premint whitelisting sign ups for early lab members and all Ether Card holders! Pre-sale will take place on Thursday, February 24. Public sale for the CryptoMonster Lab is set for Friday, February 25.


In addition to the upcoming CryptoMonster Lab launch, the spotlight this week is on the new LaMelo Ball Collectibles series and Geneticats by Genomes! Keep an eye out for great opportunities with existing partners as well. The fun has just begun!

LaMelo Ball Collectibles

3,500 new LaMelo NFTs are up for grabs in the newest mint. The new series will follow his rebound and blocks - as well as contain two more special NFTs TBA! Presale for current LaMelo Ball Collectibles and Ether Card holders starts on 18 Feb, 8:00 PM EST and ends on 21 Feb, at 8:00 PM EST. Please note that only LaMelo and Ether Card holders will be allowed to mint and/or receive the following discounts:

Gold Evolve - 20%

Silver Moon - 15%

Blue Neptune -10%

Red Mars - 5%

EC OG - 15%

EC Alpha - 10%

EC Founder - 5%

Public Sale starts on 21 FEB, 8:00 PM EST and ends on 28 Feb at 8:00 PM PST. The price starts at 0.22 ETH.

LaMelo Ball Collectible holders that own all the tokens from the previous collection (gold, silver, blue, red) will be able to mint a new one for free! The Forge starts on 28 Feb at 8:00 PM EST and ends on 2 Mar at 8:00 PM EST. The reveal is on March 2 at 9:00 PM EST.

LaMelo Ball Collectibles are currently available on OpenSea. Please check out the latest news in Discord and follow on Twitter.

Genomes DAO

The Genomes DAO team hosts weekly community meetings every Thursday at 12:30 PM EST in their Discord. The DAO continues to move forward on multiple initiatives. The Geneticats NFT whitelist is scheduled on Feb 27 with the main sale following 24 hours afterward. There will be early access and a discount for Ether Cards! Please follow Genomes Twitter for all the details and latest updates.

CryptoMonster Lab

CryptoMonster Lab opened premint whitelisting sign ups for early lab members. Please remember that the public sale for CryptoMonster Lab is set for Friday, February 25. Pre-sale will take place on Thursday, February 24. Details include:

Pre-Sale price: 0.045 ETH + gas - limit 2 NFTs per wallet.

Public Sale price: 0.055 ETH + gas - limit 20 per wallet.

25 CryptoMonsters will be gifted to randomly selected wallets from the Ether Cards pre-sale list. Warrior holders, Lab Early Members and CryptoMonster contest winners may potentially claim CryptoMonsters before pre-sale. Please register your role on Discord before connecting to the website and follow on Twitter for more contests and upcoming sale information.


The AFTRMRKT mint closed Monday at 12 PM EST with great success! All the premium packs sold out and any remaining packs are locked. Stay up-to-date with the latest AFTRMRKT announcements in Discord and Twitter news here.


The upcoming ViCA NFT drops will help support the artists and building of the nonprofit museum in Los Angeles. The NFTs will feature the art of Juri Koll, Barbara Kolo, Tim Jackson, Gloraine Harris, Reginald Van Langerhove, Robert Nelson, Curtis Gutierrez and more amazing and accomplished artists!

ViCA founder, Juri Koll, hosts weekly Twitter spaces with the Galaxis team. He interviews amazing artists during Art World live broadcast on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 7:00 PM EST. Please join the ViCA Discord for amazing inside information on upcoming artists and events!

Metajuana Farms

Metajuana Farms is a community driven project featuring artwork from one of the original Ether Cards artists - Chavo Bizarro. Metajuana Farms is an NFT collection that is sure to give you full flex privilege in all digital realms, with fabulous hookups that will be unlocked as the project rolls through the roadmap.

Remember, the first 1,000 Ether Cards holders that join the Metajuana Farms Discord are greenlisted for the upcoming presale! Will there be any NFT treats prior to launch? Follow along on Twitter for the most recent updates.

Rogue Fox Guild

Following a great sale, check out the Rogue Fox Guild sale summary article on Medium. Please join their Discord and view the major announcements channel. Also, follow along on Twitter for more sale updates.

The Sports Initiative

The Sports Initiative (TSI) is the future of Sports on the blockchain and was built to support future generations of athletes, powered by today’s best athletes. TSI unites people’s passions for sports with world-class athletes while highlighting athlete’s skills by tapping into their superhero capabilities.

A collection of 10,000 unique Superhero Sports Character NFTs (male & female; all unique and programmatically generated) structured to help fund athletes and become THE premiere sports community on the Blockchain.

The Sports Initiative team will be interviewing an Olympic Athlete from the games live in Twitter spaces on Tuesday. Check out the Discord and Twitter links for more information.


The Singularity is nearing critical mass and the marketing team is approaching light speed! The event is shaping up to be a big one - with multiple live entertainers and incredibly amazing fun! Remember, this is just the beginning! There is so much more to come. Please follow the official Ether Cards accounts for the most recent broadcasts on Twitch, YouTube and Twitter. Please remember to subscribe to the official Ether Cards email list located at the bottom of this page for the latest updates and marketing information!

The latest reports on Gandalf’s whereabouts are sketchy - at best. Following the incident in London, not even Sir Isaac Newton has been able to calculate his location. There is gossip coming through Twitter that he may be planning an appearance very soon in the United States.

What would bring Gandalf to the USA? Why not enjoy the Olympics in style - especially with his connections to The Sports Initiative? Will there really be an interview with a team USA athlete on Tuesday? This sounds very interesting to me.

If he does appear in the USA, I think it will be to hang out with other wizards at ETH Denver. We won’t really know for sure until we see evidence from the scene. I better keep an eye on the Twitter feed. Blockchain wizards love conventions. Maybe he will go in disguise?


Remember to enter the Singularity banner contest by creating and sharing on Twitter! Tag @ether_cards using hashtags #Galaxis #EtherCards #SingularityEvent and then fill in the relevant information on the document provided on Discord. The Galaxis team will choose the top 10 entries, and the community will vote through a discord poll.

Grand Prize - Founder Ether Card!

Second Prize - $500 in $DUST

Third Prize - $250 in $DUST

Fourth Prize - $100 in $DUST

Submissions are due by February 25, and the winner will be announced during the party on March 1!

Weekly Bounty: Moderators will choose one cardholder to receive a DUST reward based on community contributions. Congratulations to @Apreeday for winning last week!

Monthly Bounty: One community nominated and voted member will receive a Founder Card reward for outstanding contributions to the community. Three separate nominations are required from community members to participate and only cardholders may vote in the selection process. The winner does not have to be a current cardholder.

Week 6 of the "Dust off your Ranks" Campaign is now live in Discord. To participate, talk to level up your rank, have the “Admiral”, “Captain”, “Commander”, “Lieutenant”, “Ensign” or “Cadet” role, and react to the giveaway bot on the #giveaways channel! Note: If the prize is not claimed this week, it will roll over into the following week. Congratulations to all the winners!

As always, thank you @thundersonic for creating and maintaining the best community website in the metaverse - 0xfiles.com!

Please follow the official Ether Cards Twitter and join Discord for more information about all the fabulous giveaways and additional holiday festivities!


Galaxis developers are making incredible progress with the self-service platform and numerous integrations. Two more big product launches with LaMelo Ball Collectibles and Genomes Geneticats are also underway. Top it off with a MATIC/Polygon DUST implementation and it’s a recipe for greatness!


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