Weekly Update: Jan 18

DUST off your ranks, Genomes DAO GENE token drop, inside news, and more partnerships to kick off the New Year!

Weekly Update: Jan 18

Although the development team took a much needed break to recharge during the holidays, work has and continues to move at the speed of light for Ether Cards. Behind the scenes, there is significant progress on numerous fronts and initiatives. Along with the ongoing and upcoming partnerships that require extensive hands-on development - the self service platform release, DUST implementation, and brand repositioning are all on top of the priority list.

Due to the nature of agreements with various current and upcoming partnerships, the reportable information is limited and will be released as soon as possible within terms. Currently, there are over twenty projects in the pipeline! This does not include the projects that are already under development or have increased the scope of current work.

All hands are on deck helping to push out the self service platform as soon as possible. In addition to delivering value to the community, this is extremely important to help take pressure off the development teams. Communicating the time frame for release is also of utmost importance, since the demand coming through all channels is amazing - to say the least!

DUST implementation is very important and also high on the list. Please stay tuned for exact dates and timing.

The brand repositioning of Ether Cards is very important from a future growth and marketing perspective. Similar to the relationship and mindset between Google and Alphabet - Ether Cards is one very important aspect of a much larger plan. From a grand point of view, it makes sense to point all resources in the same direction with the same message moving forward.

The Ether Cards collection is extremely valuable and instrumental in unlocking the potential of the self service platform, but it is not the extent - rather just the beginning access point. The vision itself will be revealed and clearly communicated in conjunction with the brand repositioning.

We look forward to sharing the grand plan and brand repositioning as soon as possible. For the most current and up-to-date announcements, please join the Ether Cards Discord and check the #announcements channel.


Moving forward - quick and concise partner updates will be echoed throughout the Discord announcements, Twitter posts, Website News and Weekly Blogs.

As the existing partnerships ramp up, and more and more are added, please take the time to become familiar with the projects and welcome them to our ever expanding ecosystem.

This week, four to five partnerships will become more visible as they enter and/or expand their presence in the Ether Cards Ecosystem.


The newest Ether Cards community partnership kicked off with the opening of the AFTRMRKT whitelist last week. To sign up, join the AFTRMRKT Discord server and follow relevant links to reserve a spot for the presale launch on Friday, February 4! The public sale will begin on Monday, February 7. Keep up to date with the latest AFTRMRKT Twitter news here!

AFTRMRKT is an NFT collectible card game from the mind and based on the amazing artwork of Brian Sum. Season 1 consists of 3 different card packs containing 2-5 cards of various rarities. There are various challenges and prizes to collect supersets as well as standard or limited edition art books.


The Venice Institute of Contemporary Art (ViCA) is an arts organisation devoted to identifying, protecting and sustaining the unique stories, history and culture of one of the most important centers of American independent artistic expression. Through its exhibitions, events, research facilities, and education curriculum, ViCA celebrates the world of art internationally, and most importantly the art and culture of Venice Beach/Southern California.

Juri Koll, the Founder/Director/Curator of ViCA, is a treasure trove of artistic knowledge and information. He will be participating in weekly Twitter spaces with the Ether Cards team as well as building out the ViCA Discord community.

CryptoMonster Lab

Following the sellout of the first 100 CryptoMonster Lab Warriors, Artist and Founder - Santiago Uceda is preparing a new feature rich collection that will incorporate Ether Cards Forge technology and DUST utility tokens into the laboratory experiments!

The original limited edition warriors will enable holders to mint up to four Crypto Monsters for free (plus gas costs) in the upcoming collection. Rumour has it there will be airdrop(s) and interesting clues to the story development. Check out all the latest updates on the Discord and please follow along on Twitter.

Genomes DAO

The Ether Cards Gene Token Drop occurs on Friday, January 21 at 9:00 AM EST. Tokens will show up as a gift on the card. Cardholders will click on the gift icon and the # of tokens will show up. If they also have an unclaimed DR gift, then both gifts will show up when they click through, but there will still be only one icon. To claim, cardholders will go to Genomes.io to connect their wallet and claim. All claims will be done on MATIC to keep gas costs down. Token amounts per card are as follows: Founder - 4,000, Alpha - 12,000 and OG - 36,000.

For token holders prior to the MATIC claim on Friday, the Genomes DAO team is facilitating a token migration to the Polygon network for reduced gas fees and better LP and staking rewards via Harvest finance. The Genomes team has prepared an article and two guides (one for tokens and another for LP tokens) to help with the process. Please join the Genomes Discord and follow Genomes Twitter for the latest updates or additional support.

Rogue Fox Guild

Joining the Ether Cards ecosystem as another community partnership, Rogue Fox Guild is the first Play to Earn (P2E) Rogue-like Adventure game.

Quest in the Barren Lands, win battles and earn rewards. Take on quests solo or in a group format. No quest plays out exactly the same, so be prepared for challenging battles and exciting surprises!

In this epic rogue-like adventure, connect your wallet, choose your NFT avatar, equip NFT items (from common to legendary), meet up with friends in a city hub, and head off on a quest.

Buy, sell and loan your items - while idle or actively playing the game! Ether Cards holders will have access to a limited number of whitelist spots.  Stay tuned for more information.


The Ether Cards marketing team’s power is growing exponentially with the recent addition of Mike and Randy - the dynamic duo!  In addition to the added in-house expertise, a top notch PR firm also signed on in preparation for the upcoming brand repositioning and self service platform launch.

Organic growth, numerous advertisements, partnerships and ecosystem integrations continue to drive traffic back to the business. The largest marketing blitz to date will coincide with the repositioning and platform launch.

Look for the Ether Cards team appearing on Twitch, YouTube and Twitter. Please follow the official Ether Cards accounts for the most recent broadcasts.

Last week, Blockchain Advocate, Advisor, Speaker and PR Specialist, Adel Meyer hosted a wonderfully informative Twitter space with the Ether Cards team and partners on Wednesday, January 12, 2022. Listen to the recording with Adel, Gandalf, Dazza9 and 0gz posted here.  Thank you @hammerman for the great assist!

Topics discussed include: Ether Cards NFT collection versus the platform, the upcoming self service platform, dynamic NFT trait technology, the DUST ecosystem utility token and past, present and future partnerships.

Andras also appeared on Episode 92 of CryptoNews.com Podcast hosted by Matt Zahab. Topics included Ether Cards, NFTs and ZK Snarks. The episode is available on: Spotify, Apple, and All Podcast Players.

Please follow the official Ether Cards Twitter account and join Gandalf, Dazza9, 0gz and Steve Ryan for more weekly Twitter spaces this week!

Please remember to subscribe to the official Ether Cards email list located at the bottom of this page for the latest updates and marketing information!

I just knew that Gandalf had more plans for DUST than the Holiday Giveaway! Now he is inspiring a bit of friendly competition with the Dust Ranks on Discord. I wonder who will be the first to claim the cascading avalanche of DUST?  Melbo? Badrobotgreen?

Speaking of mysteries, I wonder if we will ever see or hear from Gandalf again? What would he say about the renaming of our wonderful town? Will he return to show us the way through this exciting time of discovery? Is he floating through space like the trail of DUST he left behind? Alas, more questions than answers.

As I gaze up into the sky, I ponder the nature of the universe. How did we get here? Where are we going? Who are all the new community members? Stephen Hawking? Andrea M. Ghez? Where are all the new people coming from and why are they here now?


Congratulations to the Fantasy Football Grand Champions! The final standings and rewards are as follows:

1st place (1 alpha card) - @badrobotgreen

2nd place (2 founder cards) - @woodneto

3rd place (1 founder card) - @savethedanimals

Also, congratulations to the 3 AFTRMRKT NFT giveaway winners: Hris#7468, ph12#9351, Dukaton#8433!

Remember the Dust Off Your Ranks campaign is live for 7 weeks in 2022, starting from Jan 7th! One giveaway will run each week, rewarding one user with 1,000 Dust tokens. Starting from the top rank - Admiral, each consecutive week will add another rank to the eligible users. Any week that has no eligible users will see the prize pool added to the next week’s pool.

Total DUST: 7,000

Week 1 (Jan 7): Admiral

Week 2 (Jan 14): Admiral + Captain

Week 3 (Jan 21): Admiral + Captain + Commander

Week 4 (Jan 28): Admiral + Captain + Commander + Lieutenant

Week 5 (Feb 4): Admiral + Captain + Commander + Lieutenant + Ensign

Week 6 (Feb 11): Admiral + Captain + Commander + Lieutenant + Ensign + Cadet

Week 7 (Feb 18): Admiral + Captain + Commander + Lieutenant + Ensign + Cadet + Recruit

Each Rank from the previous week’s giveaways will be included in the next week’s giveaways. This means a user from a higher rank can win a giveaway from a later week. Once a user has won a giveaway, they will be ineligible to win a second prize.

As always, a great big community shoutout to @thundersonic’s 0xfiles.com!

Please follow the official Ether Cards Twitter and join Discord for more information about all the fabulous giveaways and additional holiday festivities!


There are multiple dedicated development teams working behind the scenes to bring all of the projects and platform services closer to completion. The core teams are focusing on partnerships, self service platform, web development and the Battle Royale game.

Trait Council

Along with the repositioning, we hope to renew and expand the Trait Council into a community Advisory Council that may address many more aspects of the new brand.


For legal purposes, we have to include this disclaimer. This of course doesn’t mean that we won’t do our absolute best to make every feature possible, but since this is new technology and new legal territory, we need to make sure that the terms and conditions are in order.‌‌

Ether Cards makes no representation, warranty, or undertaking, express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability, completeness, or reasonableness of the information in any posts. Any assumptions, opinions, and details expressed in any Ether Cards blog or community posts constitute Ether Card’s judgement as of the date hereof and are subject to change without notice. Any projections or claims contained in the information are based on a number of assumptions including, but not limited to market conditions and the current status of Ether Cards, and there can be no guarantee that any projected outcomes will be achieved.‌‌

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