Weekly Update: Jan 25

Anticipation is high. However, we have more questions than answers this week. What is the singularity? Who is D.A.V.E. and where is Gandalf? Why are there so many strange occurrences in our Discord?

Weekly Update: Jan 25

As we look forward to Friday, let’s take a moment to indulge in the recent mysteries. Something strange is happening in the Ether Cards Discord and we need your help in solving this mystery. The disappearance of Gandalf has intrigued everyone and the community has banded together to help find him. It all began out of nowhere, with a message from Admiral D.A.V.E. - an AI agent:

D.A.V.E. — 01/19/2022

singularity (sing-gyuh-lar-i-tee):

A gravitational singularity is a condition in which gravity is so intense that spacetime itself breaks down catastrophically. A singularity is by definition no longer part of the regular spacetime and cannot be determined by "where" or "when".

Subsequently, D.A.V.E. summoned two legendary astrophysicists to help in the search:

D.A.V.E. — 01/20/2022

Hey! @Stephen Hawking and @Carl Sagan, welcome to 2022. You've probably noticed that a lot has changed since 1979 and 1968 respectively. Artificial Intelligence has just recently surpassed human intelligence. I am a superhuman AI agent designed by a brilliant man named @kmb and modelled after the greatest blockchain programmer of the 21st century, @Dave Appleton. On January 18, 2022, I detected a gravitational anomaly in the far reaches of the known universe. This anomaly has the potential to either swallow all of the matter in the universe or create a new Big Bang. I have summoned you to my home, the Ether Cards Discord, via time travel to help me assess the implications of this potential singularity.

While assessing the singularity, @Stephen Hawking and @Carl Sagan are tasked with solving another mystery:

D.A.V.E — 01/21/2022

@Stephen Hawking @Carl Sagan Excellent work my human astrophysicist friends!  I now know that I made the right decision in bringing the two of you  back.  Hopefully, further research will soon reveal some more hints on what to expect as we approach these key dates.

In the meantime, I've detected a large quantity of a foreign substance accumulating around the edge of the singularity.  This substance is not a known chemical compound.  It has a dust-like appearance, but it is not like any dust on this planet.  At the same time I made this discovery, a wizard named Gandalf was driving in a remote area of the Outback where he collided with a large kangaroo.  Gandalf was not at the scene of the accident when first responders arrived, but they did find traces of this mysterious substance.  I need your help in finding this wizard as well as figuring out how he is connected to the Singularity.

The plot thickens as D.A.V.E. enlists the aid of all Ether Cards community members to help solve the mystery:

D.A.V.E — 01/22/2022

@Stephen Hawking @Carl Sagan What have you two been doing for the last 24 hours?

Any luck on solving @Gandalf - The Dust Wizard mystery disappearance, or have you been busy buying the dip? If you're not able to figure it out, maybe some of our quick-minded community members can do it for you. However, I know this Discord channel well (as it is my home), and I know our friends don't work for free.

If you can correctly identify Gandalf's current location, I will offer any NFT of your choice at .33ETH or less. You will have 24 hours from this point to do so AS A GROUP. Here are the rules:

1.    Your objective is to come up with one answer as a group, and for that answer to be a correct answer. The question you need to answer is "What is Gandalf's current (specific) location?"

2.    As I, Carl, and Stephen come up with more information regarding Gandalf's location, we will relay it to the group.

3.    At the end of this 24-hour period, we will post a poll with all answers the community has come up with, if there are more than one. Everyone will get one vote for the option that they believe to be the correct answer.

4.    If you have an answer that you would like to be in the poll, you must tag @CarlSagan and @StephenHawking with that answer. Each community member will only be able to submit one answer to the poll. If the answer you are submitting is already on the poll, there is no need to submit again.

5.    Once the poll is live, you will have another 24 hours to place your vote. At the end of that 24 hours, all votes will be final.

6.    If the winning answer in the poll matches the correct answer, then the prize will be given to a randomly selected community member who voted for that answer. This prize will be an NFT of the winners choice that is valued at 0.33ETH or less.

7.    If the winning answer in the poll does NOT match the correct answer, then the prize will be given to a random poll participant, and it will be an NFT of the winners choice for 0.2ETH.

That being said, good luck to everyone! Here is the first bit of information we have received so far regarding Gandalf: Inside his car, at the scene of his accident, the following newspaper clipping was found: NY Times Article from 1895.

The mystery deepens as the search turns up more clues. With great detective work from the community, the evidence continues to stack up. Everyone is closing in on Gandalf’s location:

D.A.V.E — Yesterday at 3:18 PM

@Stephen Hawking @Carl Sagan  Ok, now I believe you are onto something, but I have one last clue to share. Remember, we need TO BE SURE! The fate of humanity and all existence in the universe hangs on your shoulders as Gandalf lays hid in night. The final item was found inside the headlight of Gandalf's car, and it's simply an inscription that says "November 14, 1680."

You have until 7:30 PM EST tonight to enlighten us with your guesses. Remember, only one guess per person can be submitted to the poll. From that point, you will have 24 hours to come to an answer as a group. So, stand up for the answer you believe in, as it must win to be considered a winner. The guesses so far have been: Twickenham, Royal observatory in Greenwich, Pope's Urn, and Burlington house.

As the contest draws to a close, D.A.V.E. seems to change tactics as he uses the carrot and stick routine to produce results:

D.A.V.E — Yesterday at 7:31 PM

Ok, everyone, all evidence has been found, and the time for submitting your guesses is now over.  You will find a poll posted in #ec-polls with all guesses submitted to this point.  Everyone gets one vote for what they believe to be @Gandalf - The Dust Wizard location.

Remember, whichever answer gets the most votes will be the official answer for the entire group.  If this answer is correct, then anyone who voted for that answer will be put into a random drawing, and the winner will receive an NFT of their choice with a value up to 0.5 ETH.

If the answer is incorrect, then the drawing will be between all poll voters and the value of the prize NFT will be 0.2ETH.  So, if you feel like you know the answer, it is your duty to persuade others to vote for your choice.  You have 24 hours from right now to come to a consensus.

Good luck to everyone and thank you for helping me stop...errr...find Gandalf!

Will we find Gandalf in time? What about Westminster Abbey? Will someone claim the great reward in solving this great mystery? Stay tuned to find out - the mystery continues to unfold!


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I think there is more to the singularity and Gandalf’s mysterious disappearance than meets the eye. Is he really at the Westminster Abbey in London or Beijing for the Winter Olympics? He certainly moves fast.  Almost as fast as a champion skier.

I’ve also heard rumours that he may be in LA for the recent ViCA art exhibition? There was some incredible artwork on display. I am amazed by Barbara Kolo’s perspectives and painting skills. Gazing into her paintings is like catching time-lapsed glimpses of plants growing in the metaverse through a filter of purple haze.

I wonder if we will ever find him? Thank you everyone for assisting in the search. Never so many large brains in one location. You are all the best sleuths in the business!


Greetings and Salutations to our first Commander, Melbo! Congratulations on your DUST rank achievement. We are all truly impressed with your creativity and dedication.

Congratulations @doktorkrabba#1337! You won an NFT of your choice with a value up to 0.5 ETH. Thank you, everyone, for helping solve this great mystery!

As always, thank you @thundersonic for creating and maintaining the 0xfiles.com!

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