Weekly Update: Jul 13

Galaxis is pulling out all the stops for the last week of the Girls Robots Dragons NFT collection sale! Check out the new GRD Arena Battle Bot in Discord. Also, the Betwixt NFT sale is on now through the beginning of August!

Weekly Update: Jul 13

Thanks to the excellent feedback from the Galaxis and Girls Robots Dragons communities, we are happy to announce 5 amazing GRD NFT promotions! Additionally, since the sale has already surpassed 1,650/3,000 sold - the collection prize pool currently contains over 20 ETH! Remember, all the promotions end with the sale conclusion on July 18th!

GRD 10/1 & 100/1 Ether Card Top Up Promotion:

  • Back by popular demand and revised for maximum impact!
  • Mint 10 GRD NFTs receive 1 Ether Card Founder NFT!
  • Mint 100 GRD NFTs receive 1 Ether Card Alpha NFT!
  • Qualifying GRD NFTs must be minted directly to the wallet and after the July 1 snapshot.
  • Previously minted cards count toward the 10/1 or 100/1, but will not be double rewarded.
  • For example, if you minted 23 GRDs before the last snapshot and mint 7 more - you will receive 1 EC Founder.
  • If you minted 40 GRD NFTs prior to the snapshot and mint 60 more - you will receive 6 more EC Founders and 1 Alpha!

14 + 1 GRD Giveaway:

  • To help complete your collection, acquire 14 GRD NFTs (via primary or secondary sales)
  • Get 1 GRD NFT free at the end of sale to bring your total to 15!

The 200 Club:

  • Functions like the 100 Club, but the reward for minting and holding 200 GRD NFTs is up to the holder!
  • If you mint and hold 200 GRDs - you select the specific second 100/1 Alpha reward!
  • Previous purchases that are held count toward this goal.
  • For example, if you are a 100 Club member and you buy 100 more GRD NFTs, you receive 10 Founders and pick the 100/1 Alpha reward!
  • If you had 20 GRD NFTs as of the July 1 snapshot and minted 180 more GRDs, then you will receive the appropriate 10/1 and 100/1 rewards, plus the second Alpha will be your pick!
  • If more than one 200 Club member chooses the same Alpha, the pick goes in order of first to reach the 200 Club threshold.

100 GRD Sales NFT Giveaway:

  • For every 100 GRD NFTs sold, there will be 1 GRD NFT given away in the GRD Discord.
  • Authenticate your holder role in the GRD Discord to join the Holder’s Hangout!
  • Click the giveaway icon in the #GRD Giveaway channel!

GRD Reveal Tweet & Retweet:

  • Tweet your GRD NFT and win!
  • Like, Tweet, Tag Friends and Retweet for prizes.
  • The submissions with the most Likes, Tweets and Retweets win prizes at the end of the sale!

Also, keep an eye out for more innovative integrations like the custom GRD Discord Arena Battle Bot and other helpful collection tools coming online soon.

We hope everyone takes advantage of the incredible promotional deals before the sale ends! Thank you all for your continued support of all Galaxis partner projects.

Please keep up with all the latest reveals and development news on Twitter and Discord!


The Betwixt NFT sale is off to a great start, with over 750/1777 NFTs already sold. Check out this incredible project before it’s too late!

Betwixt NFT

Betwixt: The Story of You - is a playable, immersive tale of self-discovery with evolving generative art sculpted by your choices. The NFT will give you access to this mobile game's full version: https://apps.apple.com/app/id1540472983

Betwixt NFTs are on sale for 0.07ETH now until August 2 at 9:00 AM EDT. Visit the Galaxis website to mint yours: https://galaxis.xyz/#/projects/betwixt

Please join the Betwixt Discord and follow along on Twitter for updates!

Girls Robots Dragons

The GRD public sale ends July 18th! Connect a wallet to the website and mint GRDs for a price of .07 ETH per token. Up to 15% discounts apply for Ether Card holders and those discounts are automatically reflected in the minting box on the website. Thanks to the Crossmint.io integration, credit card purchases are also enabled! Also, the NFT collection prize pool has already surpassed 20 ETH!


Keep punching and stay up-to-date with the latest information on the PlanetSLY™ Discord and website!


The Galaxis team is hosting another Twitter Space on Thursday, July 14, at 9:30 AM EDT! Discord Trivia with Carl Sagan will follow the Twitter Space at 10:30 AM EDT. Thank you for keeping up with all the latest Galaxis news and events on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter and Discord!

If you missed the last GRD Monday Mood Twitter Space - take a few minutes to listen to the most recent alpha news. The next Friendly Friday GRD Twitter Space discussion is at 11:00 AM EDT on July 15. Please join the official Girls Robots Dragons Discord and follow along on Twitter!

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Between Galaxis Trivia with Carl Sagan on Thursday and GRD Poker with Nagatoshi on Sunday - the community engagement has been spectacular! Do you have what it takes to dethrone the champions? Will you step into the GRD Arena and test your collection in combat?


Congratulations to all the weekly contest winners and new members! Please check all the community announcements for updates and open tickets to claim rewards.

Thank you again to the GRD 100 Club for all of your feedback and suggestions! @vik, @mcpisik, @cuong and @Thylacine continue to drive the community promotions via the super-secret 100 Club chat! We hope to see you there, too.

Remember, we pick winners for every Twitter Space and run multiple weekly contests in Galaxis and GRD Discord!

Thank you @thundersonic for creating and maintaining the best community website in the metaverse - 0xfiles.com! For all the newcomers to Galaxis, please check out this amazing resource.

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As previously mentioned, the entire development team is still focused on the Launchpad, Mission Control, Traits and Community Space. Platform testing continues - along with more cutting-edge innovations that will soon come into view.

Additional integrations - like the GRD Arena Battle Bot have been released in the GRD Discord. This initial version is just a taste of what to expect with the Community Space. Please check it out and share your feedback with the team!

Last but certainly not least, our amazing developers continue pushing out partner projects like Betwixt - all while balancing a crushing workload.


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