Weekly Update: Jul 20

Girls Robots Dragons collection main sale ends with 1,900 NFTs sold and over 23 ETH in the prize pool! Promo deliveries and a free claim is on the way! 400 more NFTs were also added to the Galaxis NFT Vault!

Weekly Update: Jul 20

Thanks to phenomenal community support - the GRD public main sale ended with a total of 1,900 NFTs sold and over 23 ETH in the game collection prize pool! Over 200 unique blockchain addresses welcomed the amazing artwork and 5 amazing collectors joined the 100 Club!

The team is now in the process of distributing promotional items starting this week. To show appreciation for all the support, Galaxis is also scheduling a free claim for all GRD NFT minters!

Additionally, the Galaxis development team has been very busy implementing multiple improvements and tools for the GRD.fan website! Check out the new wallet collection filters and features to help plan your prizes!

Finally, 200 Collie Buddz Twisted Tree Frogs Massive NFTs and 200 NFTs for Freedom were added to the Galaxis NFT Vaults last week! Check out the latest additions and exchange your $DUST utility tokens here: https://galaxis.xyz/#/nft-vaults.

We remain grateful for the amazing community support! Please keep up with all the latest reveals and development news on Twitter and Discord!


In addition to the Betwixt NFT sale currently underway - there are more partnership releases on the horizon! Check out the Galaxis Twitter space recording from last Monday with the Link Marines and Blue Star Labs.

Betwixt NFT

Betwixt: The Story of You - is a playable, immersive tale of self-discovery with evolving generative art sculpted by your choices. The NFT will give you access to this mobile game's full version:


Betwixt NFTs are on sale for 0.07ETH now until August 2 at 9:00 AM EDT. Visit the Galaxis website to mint yours! https://galaxis.xyz/#/projects/betwixt

Please join the Betwixt Discord and follow along on Twitter for updates!

Girls Robots Dragons

The GRD public sale ended on July 18th and promotions are on the way! Stay tuned for what comes next.


Keep punching and stay up-to-date with the latest information on the PlanetSLY™ Discord and website!


The Galaxis team is hosting multiple weekly and special Twitter spaces! Monday, the team was joined by Link Marines, Patrick from Chainlink and other partner projects -  including Justin from Pluto Alliance and Brett from Blue Star Labs.

On Wednesday at 9:00 PM EDT, the team will discuss Girls Robots Dragons and What’s Next!? We hope to see you in the Twitter space, too.

Galaxis also hosted another GRD Twitter Space on Tuesday, July 19, at 11:00 AM EDT!

If you missed the last GRD Friendly Friday Space - please take a few minutes to listen to the recording. If you haven’t already - please join the official Girls Robots Dragons Discord and follow along on Twitter!

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Carl Sagan continues to bring out the best of the community with the fiercely competitive Weekly Trivia Contest! Join us for another battle of the wits on Thursday at 9:00 PM EDT! Also, if you are interested in poker with Nagatoshi over in the GRD Discord - don’t feel too bad if Marley beats you again.


A great big shoutout and thank you to everyone who supported the Girls Robots Dragons sale and events!  Congratulations to all the numerous winners, too. We are just getting started.

Remember, the #GRD #Reveal contest is still underway until July 25th! We also pick winners for every Twitter Space and run multiple weekly contests in both the Galaxis and GRD Discords!

Thank you @thundersonic for creating and maintaining the best community website in the metaverse - 0xfiles.com! For all the newcomers to Galaxis, please check out this amazing resource.

Please follow Galaxis Twitter and join Discord for more information!


Not only is the Girls Robots Dragons NFT collection the flagship for project innovation - development continues in ways not yet seen in the marketplace. In addition to the collection tools and bot integrations - more features like the community space and marketplace will come into view.

The development team has and continues to test the Launchpad, Utility Trait Interface and Community Space. There are tutorial videos in production as well. We hope to showcase all of the wonderful features to the community as soon as possible!


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