Weekly Update: Jul 6

Watch the last GRD reveal/AMA with Andras, Zoltan & Gabor! The GRD NFT sale ends in less than two weeks! Ether Card & GRD NFT promotions delivered. Checkout the next promotion before it’s too late!

Weekly Update: Jul 6

What a week and it’s only Wednesday! If you missed the live reveal and AMA with Andras and the GRD artists - watch the recording here! Long story, short - there are more features and promotions on the way!

Last week, 42 GRD collectors participated in the promotion to receive 102 Founders and 4 Alpha Cards! As promised, all of those NFTs have been delivered this week!

Following one of the biggest NFT promotions in recent history - Galaxis is at it again with more value for collectors! If you missed out on the last week, don’t worry. There are more surprises coming in the next few weeks.

Next up, own a FULL set of 15 cards! After acquiring 14 GRD cards - get 1 GRD NFT free. Take a step closer to completing your collection and winning from the ETH prize pool - that currently stands at over 17 ETH!

Plus, everyone who has 15 cards (required to complete the game) will receive a very special gift from GRD! Stay tuned for more on this gift!

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Although Galaxis resources remain focused on GRD through July 18, please remember to keep up with all the partnerships and related events via the Galaxis Discord! There are numerous current and upcoming mints (-some free plus gas) for partners like: EtherHeads, Kamp Kilmer, CryptoMonster Lab, Toddlerpillars/Chimerapillars, SlyGuys, Identity 20XY and more!

Girls Robots Dragons

The GRD public sale is extended to July 18th! Connect a wallet to the website and mint GRDs for a price of .07 ETH per token. Up to 15% discounts apply for Ether Card holders and those discounts are automatically reflected in the minting box on the website. Thanks to the Crossmint.io integration, credit card purchases are also enabled!


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The Galaxis team is hosting another Twitter Space on Wednesday, July 6, at 9:00 PM EDT! Please join in the conversation about the greater Galaxis ecosystem and GRD Wednesday reveal.

Thank you everyone that tuned in to the GRD Monday Mood Twitter Space this week! Please join the Galaxis team for the next Friendly Friday GRD Twitter Space discussion at 11:00 AM EDT. Topics to discuss include the current Girls Robots Dragons NFT collection promotions and community events. Please join the official Girls Robots Dragons Discord and follow along on Twitter!

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Carl Sagan is at it again! After an epic edition of Galaxis & Beyond - trivia, the team is looking forward to another exciting competition on Thursday, July 7th. Time and subject TBA, so keep an eye out for the next announcement on the Galaxis Discord!


Congratulations to all the weekly contest winners and new members!

Big shout out to the four members of the GRD 100 Club: @vik, @mcpisik, @cuong and @Thylacine!

Remember, we pick winners for every Twitter Space and run multiple weekly contests in Galaxis and GRD Discord!

Thank you @thundersonic for creating and maintaining the best community website in the metaverse - 0xfiles.com! For all the newcomers to Galaxis, please check out this amazing resource.

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The entire development team is still working around the clock on the Launchpad, Mission Control, Traits and Community Space. Testing has recently expanded on the Community Space as new features are added to the experience.

As mentioned during the AMA, there are amazing new innovations under development with the GRD collection. Keep an eye out for more announcements about this coming soon!


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