Weekly Update: July 06

This past week was an exciting one for sure! Lots of discussions, partnerships, and progress made! So without waiting any further, let’s dive right into what’s been happening behind the Ether Cards scenes.

Weekly Update: July 06

Community collaborations

The business team has also been hard at work connecting with other communities, platforms, and influencers to help spread the Ether Cards brand. Through these efforts, we hope to bring even more users to the Ether Cards community, forever growing our ecosystem.

PR Position

Some of you may have seen us advertise for a copywriter to help out with Ether Cards Press Releases, blog updates, and general content creation. We have received many quality submissions and would like to thank everyone who put their name forward. Due to the high number of submissions, we will not be able to respond to everyone, and will only contact the person(s) who are successful. But it warms our hearts to know there is such interest from our community to work with us in any manner possible!


One day of development is never a day wasted, it is always one day closer to achieving the dream!

Traits on Chain

Last week we were finalizing the contract details for the implementation of Traits on the Blockchain. The developers are now working on deployment mechanisms in order to push everything live.

I cannot tell you how excited the whole team is to see this go out and become a reality!

Forge on Chain

Hand-in-hand with Traits, the team is also going to be testing the Forge on the blockchain this week, and if all goes as planned, push it live a day or two after.

New & Improved Website

Last week, we published a new version of the Ether Cards website, complete with an Events and Business Platform. This week we have continued to improve on the incredible work our front-end developers and graphics team have done!


Dust, dust, dust!

This week, we finalized the Maximum supply, card issuance rates, trickle rates, token price, and other core tokenomics. The first aspect we will release in relation to Dust will be a token drop to all Ether Cards holders, proportionate to the type of card they hold.

In addition to that, we have also got a little treat in store for Phoenix Card holders and those who still hold the Pristine Status. Although they both relate to Dust, they will be different benefits.

So now, it is time I check on Dave… if I can find him. Dave…? DAVE?! Where are you…?


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