Weekly Update: July 13

Last week flew by so fast I almost missed it! I guess this is what happens when things are busy, so that’s a good thing! Let’s traverse the Ether Cards realm to find out what magic has been happening under the surface.

Weekly Update: July 13

The first thing to mention is the growth of our incredibly talented Ether Cards team! In only a few short months the Ether Cards team has doubled in size, with 6 new developers being the latest additions.

Ranging from front-end, to full stack to blockchain experts, these new developers will allow Ether Cards to work on multiple projects simultaneously, helping to expedite many new features and partnerships. Speaking of partnerships...


Many hours in the last week have been spent refining project scopes, pitches and concepts. Ether Cards is currently in final discussions with a world-renowned DJ, pitching to a global sporting organization, developing concept designs for professional athletes, galleries, streaming platforms and more.

LaMelo Ball

A week ago, the team at Playground signed a renewal contract with Ether Cards to develop the Traits, ongoing engagement tools, and games for the LaMelo Ball Collection.

Work has begun to build out the drop platform for LaMelo Ball. This will be used by the team to raffle off merchandise and drop other bonuses to cardholders.


After receiving instructions from legal, Superchief has worked with Ether Cards to adjust the drop framework in order to comply with legal guidelines. It’s exciting to see things start to get back on track with this partnership.


The two teams are continuing to work together in order to bring incredible bonuses to the Ether Cards community. This week it was confirmed that there will be 15 full Genome sequences offered for free to cardholders. Five will be distributed randomly between each card type - Founder, Alpha, and OGs. Will you be a lucky one?

New Partnerships

Not all of the work required by the developers is made up of code. Important time has been spent building out the technical requirements for new potential partners, with three specific clients in focus this week.

Since launching the Business Platform, the interest in our innovative NFT standard is clear. We have received more than a dozen series applications from all around the world. Many of our discussions involve the market leaders and biggest companies in their respective industries.

It is astounding the types of companies interested in developing NFT solutions. From drinks to sports, from movies to government, from universities to gaming and music, the Ether Cards brand has already become a go to provider for those wanting to lead their respective industries.


We also recognize a serious partnership we already have. Arguably the most valuable of all, with you, our community. And that is why we have dedicated team members working on solutions to grow the value and engagement opportunities for your Ether Cards.

Monthly Art Drops

These drops have been adjusted, initially the Art drops were going to fall under the Monthly Art Drops, however, this restricted Artists to only one drop per month. This simply wasn’t suitable due to the amount of interest that we are receiving. As such the art drops will now be stand alone art drops, and the monthly drops will introduce a brand new feature into the Ether Cards ecosystem. But what does this mean for you?

It means the first art drop will simply not fall under the Monthly drop, but is still scheduled for the end of July. The first Monthly drop is now scheduled for August. We are exploring the ability to not only include art NFTs in this drop, but other valuable assets and items that we know you all would love to get your hands on. So stay tuned for more on this topic in the near future.

Community Efforts

It seems the Ether Cards team are not the only busy ones around here. I cannot write about hard work and not mention the community. We have noticed the efforts, and results, from certain community members, including Savethedanimals and DocFanta. The community is growing and this is due to the incredible outreach and support our community has shown for each other and the project.

From the words of a new member:

“Can I just say that this community is the most chill and helpful out of all I've been on Discord”

So thank you.


One day in blockchain is 100 days in other industries… and our devs know that all too well! But that is why we have such an incredible team! An incredible team that is growing!

Traits on Chain

Work is basically complete! The time has come, my little friends, to talk of other things, of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings. And why the sea is boiling hot, and whether pigs have wings. Calloo, Callay, come run away with the cabbages and kings.

Ok, well the time has almost come. Now we are picking the time, when all is quiet, at least transactions are. When gas is low, the Traits shall come out. So keep your ear to the ground.

Forge on Chain

Last week I mentioned about an upgraded Forge. Design has been complete, and this powerful space will soon include the card upgrade feature, allowing certain cards to upgrade from Founder to Alpha, or even for the lucky few, OG.

New Layer Server

In order to complete the upgrade to the new Forge, the current layer server will need a revamp, this is currently being worked on and should be completed in the near future.

Finally, if any of you have seen Dave… please tell him I’m looking for him.


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