Weekly Update: July 20

Do you know the best part about writing these weekly updates? It makes me remember all the incredible things the Ether Cards team has done in the last 7 days! And there’s always plenty to remember!

Weekly Update: July 20

The 6 new members of our team have already hit the ground running, working on super exciting features like the new Forge, Battle Royale, and Blind Bags.

So as Japan is gearing up for the 2021 Olympics, let’s see what Ether Cards has been gearing up for!


We are on the cusp of some new partnership announcements! Everything is primed, it’s the calm before the storm! Ether Cards is about to become known throughout the music industry!

To make this happen, we are also working with other experienced teams within the crypto space. There is a little more that I could reveal about this partnership, and another existing one, however, I shall leave these nuggets to be discovered during the weekly live stream AMA!

This week, the business team has broken into two smaller teams in order to be able to handle the volume of incoming leads. A lot of effort has been put into filtering these leads to identify the quality ones that align with Ether Cards’ high standard of quality.

The Bad Crypto Podcast & The Nifty Show

Although not a partnership, Ether Cards founder Andras Kristof was featured on last Friday’s Nifty Show Podcast and live stream. Hosted by Joel Comm and Travis Wright, Andras was able to showcase Ether Cards technology to the world, much to the amazement of the two hosts. In fact, their gears had begun turning before the show had even finished and are now interested in discussing a potential collaboration with Ether Cards in the future.

This story is not unique, it seems that everyone who hears about what we are doing with NFTs is instantly astounded and wants to be involved in some way or another!


The first of the Sushi partnership has come to light with 250 physical NFT cards being handed out during the Paris meetup.

This is just the beginning of the partnership, the entre before the main course. Although we can’t announce more about what we are working on, it will definitely be something no one has ever seen!


I can’t go into the topic of Community without first mentioning the incredible reward Johnny received during last Friday’s AMA, in which he was awarded an Alpha Founder Card. To put this in perspective, during the Ether Cards main sale, these cards were sold for up to 10 ETH each.

Featured Art Drops

The first Featured Art Drop has been teased! On July 16, the first teaser video was published on our official Twitter account, revealing the “Girls Robots Dragons” NFT drop. Soon to be released via blind bags, this collection will feature some unique gamification concepts and elements sure to excite you all!

The talent behind this collection has previously designed art for World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Star Wars, Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, Skylanders, and more! The images in this collection are truly breathtaking...

NFT Projects

The Ether Cards team has begun outreach with well-known NFT projects to explore potential opportunities for collaboration, promotions, and marketing.


With more than a dozen experienced developers on the team you can rest assured there is always something to talk about when it comes to development!

Traits on Chain

Traits are on testnet! This is the final step before you will see your own Traits on the blockchain, and then it’s straight sailing to activate a number of those Traits!

Self-Service Client Platform

Something we haven’t talked about much is the client platform which is required for clients to build out their unique NFT solution. This is something that has been worked on by numerous of our devs for some time now. From integrating our CRM into the website, project management solution, and blockchain development, this process will streamline the experience for onboarding new clients.

As part of this, we will soon have an automated smart contract deployment service, allowing the team to create a quick customized demo.


Development on the new Forge continues night and day with increased interactivity, visuals and a layout that will allow this feature to be translated to any new client ecosystem with ease.

Other work continues with dedicated developers on the Battle Royale, LaMelo Ball ecosystem, Blind Bags, Art Drops, new client platforms, and more.


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