Weekly Update: July 27

Another week and another exciting post of project updates, partnerships, developments, and a sprinkling of Dust reveals.

Weekly Update: July 27

It's incredible what a well-oiled machine can do. And Ether Cards is becoming one incredible machine! So let’s get stuck right into it...


Last week we mentioned that a new partnership was imminent. And now that partnership has been revealed.

Steve Aoki

Aoki’s new NFT collection is about to drop on Aug 2 and it will be featuring Traits and utility from Ether Cards. The Ether Cards community will receive 25 of the pre-release NFT thanks to the partnership.

As the EC and Aoki relationship matures, there will likely be more collaborations in the future.

Music Industry

Ether Cards has also been approached by other agents and managers within the industry and has had the opportunity to open a discussion with some of the world’s most famous singers.

The Long Road

That is all that we can announce in relation to partnerships for now. But this doesn’t mean there isn’t more to come. Many of these discussions will take between 4-8 weeks before any partnership arrangement is finalized, and for some large projects, this is even longer.


I would like to take this opportunity to show our appreciation for the open, honest, and candid conversations that happen within the EC community. It is extremely easy for us to approach the community in order to get an opinion or feedback on specific features, decisions, or options.

Featured Art Drops

There are now two art drops, “Girls Robots Dragons” and Dirty Robot’s “Seasons” that are currently in development. Due to the technical requirements of each drop, it is likely that “Seasons” will be the first featured art drop.

As soon as more details are available, we’ll update you all with which drop will come first, and the date of release.


Tap, tap, tap… this is the sound coming from Dave’s basement, well, what I imagine it to sound like since I still can’t find him. I checked Italy last week, but still nothing.

LaMelo Drop

It has now been a few weeks now since the LaMelo Ball drop finished. Since then dedicated developers have been working on developing the marketplace, and drop mechanism which will be used to release the card upgrades and merchandise rewards.

All this will culminate in the Drop Room, a place where time and space cease to exist and… ok, it’s just a website. But it will be freaking cool, especially for NBA fans. This is all on track to come online in the next few weeks.


Now there is a lot more that the dev team is working on like Steve Aoki’s card utilities, card upgrades, the new animated forge design, the infamous battle royale, self-serve platform, and the last validations for traits on chain. But for now, I’d like to turn your focus to Dust.

Dust is the ever elusive substance that continues to slip through your fingers, but at last, as you sift through these grains, some remnants of information are starting to stick. These remnants relate to Phoenix card holders and Pristine Status cards.

It is no secret that Dust will be collected on each and every of the 10,000 Ether Cards at rates related to the card type (OG, Alpha, & Founders). But what has been hidden until now, is that this rate of collection will have a multiplier applied to it, multiple in fact.

Any card that was purchased during the presale, that is cards with the Phoenix Trait, will receive a bonus 5% of dust from the card’s base amount to be dropped in the initial airdrop. In addition to this, the card’s collection rate will be boosted by an additional 5% for as long as the Phoenix Trait is held. There is currently no way in which a card may lose this Trait, so for now it can be assumed that the increased rate will be permanent.

Pristine Status cards, those that were purchased during the main sale or presale, have not been sold since, AND were not moved or forged between May 1 and June 1, will also receive a % boost to their collection rates. This figure is still being finalized. It is also important to note that this boost will be lost as soon as the card’s Pristine Status is lost.

And now, I must leave you all, well all except Dave… I swear… when I find him...


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