Weekly Update: Jun 14

Galaxis at ETH Prague, Crossmint credit card purchases are live for the Girls Robots Dragons public sale and more NFT Vaults have arrived!

Weekly Update: Jun 14

Hear ye, hear ye! 200 more NFTs have just been added to the Galaxis Vaults:

50 Geneticats NFTs for 2000 $DUST each

150 Pluto Alliance V2 NFTs for 300 $DUST each

Visit the Galaxis NFT Vaults and checkout all the upcoming Galaxis Vaults - where $DUST Utility Tokens may be exchanged for more high quality NFTs!

Thanks to Galaxis technology and a cutting-edge integration with Crossmint, credit card purchases are now enabled for Girls Robots Dragons NFTs!

On the Girls Robots Dragons website, select “Pay With Credit Card” as another payment option! Purchases will go directly to your Crossmint custodial wallet and may be sent for free from there to your noncustodial wallet of choice. If you move these GRD NFT cards from the custodial to an EC wallet, then they WILL count to the free claim that we will have from the second series!

No discounts for Ether Card holders applied with credit card payments. However, Ether Cards holders now get automatic discounts on ETH public sale purchases: 15% OG, 10 % Alpha, 5% Founder. The discount is applied to the 0.07 ETH price and is based on the snapshot prior to the pre-sale, so if you bought an Ether Card after that time - the discount will still not apply.

After connecting a wallet, the system automatically recognizes and applies eligible discounts. Galaxis will refund the difference between prices - for EC holders that have already purchased during the Public Sale!

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Sylvester Stallone’s SLYGuys™ mint date is June 22! Please join the Galaxis team on Thursday, June 16 at 12:00 Noon EDT for a Discord AMA with our partners followed by a live stream with Joel Comm from the Bad Crypto Podcast!

Girls Robots Dragons

The Girls Robots Dragons NFT collection public sale continues for two more weeks or until sold out! Check out the GRD website for additional information!.


The PlanetSLY™ Discord is still growing like crazy! OpenSea will auction 25 Golden SLYGuys™ 48 hours before the sale starts on June 22. Check out all the appropriate links and details on the PlanetSLY™ website!


The Galaxis team proudly represented our company and community at ETH Prague over the weekend! Galaxis Founder Andras Kristof kicked things off and CMO Dan Vaczi delivered a great presentation on “NFTs That Make Sense” - check out the YouTube video here!

Next up for the team is NFT.NYC! If you are going to New York for the event, please reach out to the team. We would love to see you there!

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Do you have what it takes to win Carl Sagan’s weekly trivia contest? The competition is fierce and the ranks are growing steady each week. Please join us this Thursday, June 16 at 9:00 PM EDT!


A big thank you @Melbo.eth for all the community GRD giveaways in the marble run Twitch stream! Congrats to the winners!

Also, thank you @badrobotgreen for running Twitter giveaways to bring more people into the Galaxis community.

Thank you everyone for participating in all the GRD promotions and contests! As a reminder, the team has and continues to send prizes to the winners. Please be patient during this process.

Join the Galaxis team for the Friendly Friday GRD Twitter Space at 11:00 AM EDT to discuss the Girls Robots Dragons NFT collection public sale, upcoming community events and win even more prizes. Please join the official Girls Robots Dragons Discord and follow along on Twitter!

A great big shoutout to @thundersonic for creating and maintaining the best community website in the metaverse - 0xfiles.com! For all the newcomers to Galaxis, please check out this amazing resource.

Thank you @johnnyBullNFT for sharing the new and improved community YouTube channel!

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Development continues on the Launchpad, Mission Control, Traits and Community Space. The magic continues behind the scenes with testing, retesting, deploying, and troubleshooting. The recent tech innovations, Crossmint integrations, and smart contract optimizations are only possible because of our amazing development team! If you see them taking a break in Discord or on Twitter - please give them a big round of applause!


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