Weekly Update: Jun 29

Read all about the Phoenix $DUST distribution details, more CryptoPunk NFT claims and the huge Galaxis/Ether Card/GRD promotion!

Weekly Update: Jun 29

As promised, the $DUST utility token distribution following the Phoenix Game Trait burn occurred last week! Check out the transactions for all the details below:



Congratulations to everyone who chose to keep the Phoenix Trait and receive 5,869 $DUST utility tokens!

In the last two weeks, several CryptoPunks have escaped the Galaxis NFT Vaults - including #4762, #4783, #4751, #1360, #4715 and #4742. As of the time of this update - 3 of the 27 CryptoPunks remain in the NFT Vault!

Galaxis is pleased to announce another amazing promotion for the Girls Robots Dragons NFT Collection!

To show gratitude for all the GRD collectors:

  • A wallet snapshot will be taken on July 1 at 9:00 AM EDT
  • For every 10 GRD NFTs in wallet, 1 Ether Card Founder will be airdropped
  • For every 100 GRD NFTs, 1 Ether Card Alpha will be airdropped
  • The promotion is stackable, so 100 GRD NFTs = 10 EC Founder + 1 EC Alpha

Thank you all for your continued support!

Please keep up with all the latest reveals and development news on Twitter and Discord!


With the current main focus on Girls Robots Dragons NFT collection, testing, and pushing out the platform features - strategic partner collaboration continues behind the scenes. Chainlink and Crossmint are instrumental in setting the stage for future success!

Kamp Kilmer, EtherHeads, and CryptoMonster Lab also have mint opportunities for their NFT holders coming soon. Keep up to date with all the partner project updates, events, and mints via server channel integrations in the Galaxis Discord.

Girls Robots Dragons

The GRD public sale is extended to July 18th! Please take advantage of the amazing Girls Robots Dragons and Ether Card Founder/Alpha promotion before July 1 at 9:00 AM EDT! Connect a wallet to the website and mint GRDs for a price of .07 ETH per token. Thanks to the Crossmint.io integration, credit card purchases are also enabled!


Although the mint is postponed, keep up with the latest information on the PlanetSLY™ Discord and website!


The Galaxis team had a good presence all over the NFT.NYC conference last week! Galaxis also had boots on the ground networking at Apefest. Thank you to all of our partners and supporters for also representing Galaxis during this amazing event!

In addition to the Monday Funday GRD Twitter Space, Galaxis is back to hosting a weekly Twitter Space on Wednesday at 3:00 PM EDT!

Please join the Galaxis team for the Friendly Fridays GRD Twitter Space discussion at 11:00 AM EDT to discuss the Girls Robots Dragons NFT collection public sale and community events. Please join the official Girls Robots Dragons Discord and follow along on Twitter!

Next week, join Andras for another special live stream on Wednesday, July 6 at 9:00 AM EDT!

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Last week, Carl Sagan’s weekly trivia contest was just one of the many fun activities for Galaxians! The competition is fierce and the ranks are growing each week. Do you have what it takes to join the hall of champions? Please join us again this Thursday, June 30 at 11:00 AM EDT for the next contest: Galaxis and Beyond!


Congratulations to all the contest winners last week - including @hammerman and @defgrip for exhibiting excellent poker skills!

Mad respect to @savethedanimals for thrashing everyone with his incredible Ether Cards/Galaxis knowledge and hair trigger typing fingers during Carl’s last trivia contest!

Remember, we pick winners for every Twitter Space and run multiple weekly contests in Galaxis and GRD Discord!

Thank you @thundersonic for creating and maintaining the best community website in the metaverse - 0xfiles.com! For all the newcomers to Galaxis, please check out this amazing resource.

Please follow Galaxis Twitter and join Discord for more information!


The development team continues working very hard on testing various aspects of the Launchpad, Mission Control, Traits and Community Space. Other than completing the Girls Robots Dragons release and accompanying features - most of the resources remain devoted to the Galaxis platform completion.

Regarding the GRD Website, check out the embedded Twitter feed that now accompanies the live prize pool and full artwork download features! How many NFT projects have a sleek wallet UI with a downloadable art button?


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