Weekly Update: June 28

This week has been hectic is an understatement but in the words of the Ether Cards founder Andras: “Yes, but the right kind of hectic. It’s been like that for the last 3 months. It is awesome — I feel we are riding a wave, being carried to success.”

Weekly Update: June 28

A lot of these efforts are behind the scenes and not easily visible by our community, so let us share some more of what we’ve been working on!

New Website

First and foremost, I’m sure many of you will have seen it. The Ether Cards website has undergone a revamp, introducing the Business Platform and Events Platform. The Business Platform is where new clients and partnerships will be forged. We are already receiving proposals from potential clients across many industries, with the latest coming in from the DeFi industry.

You will also have noticed that the top menu will have changed. You can now find the Blog, FAQ, and Team pages under the About tab. Traits, Gallery/Explorer and Card details are under the Cards tab.


Not a day goes by when there isn’t some meeting or discussion going on with one of Ether Cards partners, or potential partners. This tends to take up a lot of time from Andras and most of the business team.

LaMelo Ball

The LaMelo Ball Collection has been a stunning success finishing over the weekend, selling 8,068 cards for a total of 710 ETH (Approximately $1.4 million). The sale was highlighted by the Gold Evolve #1 Card auctioning for 30 ETH, over 900% more than other Gold Evolve’s were selling for, and almost 300,000% more than Red Mars Cards were listed for.

And now, the sale has finished, but this is just the beginning. Playground is working with Ether Cards to further develop the ecosystem including Traits, features, and tools to adapt your cards.


Genomes.io has partnered with Ether Cards to provide the Ether Cards community with some incredible bonuses. The project will airdrop $GENE tokens to all Ether Cards holders. The drop ratios will be proportional to the number and type of cards held by each wallet, with OGs receiving more tokens than Alphas, who, in turn, will receive more than Founder Cardholders.

In addition to this, random Ether Cards will receive the “Genome Sequence” Trait, allowing the cardholder to redeem the Trait for the Gold Standard In DNA Sequencing - (30x) whole-genome sequencing.

Mystery Company

Hints have been dropped, but until the partnership is sealed in blood… er… ink, we can’t say much. But one of the discussions has progressed into a signed NDA between Ether Cards and a multi-billion dollar company in the sports and entertainment industries. If this deal goes through, it will likely be a multi-year partnership covering every corner of the globe and provide regular drops, games, and features all year round.


Although there has been a delay with Superchief’s first drop, we are just as excited and looking forward to the Superchief Card Collection they are going to release in the near future. So hang tight while the gallery works through some minor legal issues around tokenizing some of the famous artwork.


As always, it seems like Ether Cards devs don’t sleep. The team is growing with 3 new developers geared up to join Ether Cards in July.


For the last couple of weeks, EC devs have been working around the clock to get the 61 Traits on the blockchain. This is finally coming to an end with the contract due to be deployed this week or early next week. Not only will this allow for new and exciting Traits to be developed, but you will finally be able to utilize and see the power of existing Traits.

There are multiple other features that are in the pipeline that require Traits to be on the blockchain in order for them to be implemented. One such feature is the Alpha/OG Card Upgrade Trait.

Card Upgrades

Alpha/OG Card upgrades are a high priority for everyone, especially Dave. After toiling for many days, the Smart Contract that will be used to select a random card from the Vault has been completed. In order to use this Trait, two more components need to be finalized, one being Trait to be on the blockchain, but the other is a Smart Contract which allows a user to consume the upgrade Trait which actives the random card contract.

New & Improved Forge

Our Forge workers do not rest, to be honest, I don’t even know how they do it! Plans have been devised to upgrade the Forge to include multiple aspects. Soon when visiting the Forge, cardholders will be able to choose whether to use the Layer Forge, Card Upgrades, Reroll, Reforge, and other Traits that alter card layers or Traits. This one function will eventually be an entire suite of tools, so start your planning now to take full advantage of this room!

Wallet & Explorer

The Ether Cards Wallet has now been linked with the Explorer allowing cardholders to view the layers of their card directly in the wallet, instead of having to look the card up in the explorer.

I’ve also been hearing rumours about a new ERC-1155 compatible wallet too. But more on this will come later.

For now, I’ll leave you all with these nuggets of news! Thank you to the Ether Cards community for providing the passion and becoming a force to be reckoned with! We are unlike any other NFT Project, we are dynamic, superpowered, and evolving. We are Ether Cards!


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